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Is YouTube and Other Video Platforms The Future of Marketing?
Is YouTube and Other Video Platforms The Future of Marketing?

We all know how boring reading a long article can be. As per human psychology people often tend to overlook reading long notes and instead prefer visuals to learn about something. This is the reason that the inclination toward video content is visibly increasing over the past few years. People don’t just watch movies or their favorite shows online but prefer video content even if they have to buy something. There are hundreds of YouTubers and video content marketers/influencers who provide in-depth reviews of products and services and help people buy the product or service they are looking for.

The efficacy, reach, return over investment, and other customer service metrics which video content marketing has been able to generate is quite prolific for the marketing companies. Looking at the current trend it looks quite obvious that video content marketing is the future and traditional marketing practices have to accept, integrate, and consider it in their marketing budget.

Why Video Content Marketing is Becoming the Preferred Medium to Market?

1. The prime reason is related to human psychology. As per the popular saying, a picture is worth a thousand words but in case of a video, it is worth a million words.

 2. Videos are easy to memorize and consist of some script which most people can relate to whereas simple content in the form of an article or blog doesn’t make such an impact.

3. Smartphones have popularized the videos. 4 out of 5 adults watch videos on the smartphone for at least 4 hours a day. This is a big-time duration and a big opportunity for marketing companies to target audiences who might be interested in their product and service. Video consumption on mobile devices is increasing at a 200% rate, making video content the best medium to target audiences looking for some product or service.

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4. Besides the customer service metrics and common metrics like the shares, likes, impressions, views a well-planned YouTube marketing campaign creates a positive impact on business bottom-line.

5. It is a fact that YouTube marketing is very effective and produces the best Return on Investment for businesses looking to get new customers.

What Do The Numbers Say About Video Marketing?

If you look at the numbers they also say the same story. Video content is the future of marketing and the growing number of mobile phone users and internet reach is making it even more profitable for businesses to invest in it. Here are the numbers to tell you the story:

1. Around 51% of marketers now run YouTube Ads and 65% of them are planning to increase the ad spend every year.

2. As far as the viewer’s attention is concerned 63% of ad time on YouTube mobile receives the viewer’s attention. On the other hand, TV only has 45% advertisement time.

3. 72% of YouTube short ads drive a substantial surge in brand awareness and around 92% of YouTube ads drive an increase in ad recall.

4. 79% of marketers think YouTube as the most effective marketing medium whereas Facebook is second with 59%.

5. 94% of YouTube ads are viewable i.e. a minimum of 50% pixels are viewable on screen for at least 2 seconds.  YouTube and other video content marketing platforms receive billions of views every day. Because of the reachability, impact, efficacy, and drive the impact of these platforms, video content is for sure

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