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Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings Marketing Manager, Explains Why You Need to Perform Regular Content Audits
Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings Marketing Manager, Explains Why You Need to Perform Regular Content Audits

Today’s business industry relies heavily on technology, and many organizations turn to an online presence for success. A critical asset to generating online glory and driving traffic to your website and brand is content marketing.

A common content marketing mistake is failing to perform regular content audits. Content audits assess content components and information benefits on a portion of the website or the entire site. Without routine reviews, the focus of content marketing shifts to only creating new content, and existing posts continue to become outdated.

Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager for the digital marketing company WNY Holdings LLC, suggests that businesses have a content revitalization strategy. These plans make sure your business keeps all published content relevant, which is just as vital as generating organic traffic through new content. Below, Lee explores five reasons organizations should regularly update content.

Understand what content exists

When performing a content audit, you will be able to see what content you have on hand. Knowing what content topics you have can be great when looking to overlap the same information on other platforms. For example, material published on your company’s website can later serve as a resource on other marketing platforms, such as a podcast. Not only do you have the ability to reuse content, but you can also identify weak posts and rewrite them. 

Track metrics

During a content audit, look for specific parameters to track to see what’s working. Such benchmarks include visitor time on the webpage, pages per session, organic traffic, and bounce rate.

Find and fix what you do not have

While content auditing grants you access to see what subjects you have covered in your content publications, it also allows you to identify gaps and fill them with missing content matter. Research trending conversations in your market if you are looking to fill in the content blanks. You can tailor your content to anticipated visitors based on what your targeted audience wants to see and read.

Set up clear goals

The metrics you track help paint a picture of the firm and reveals weak points within your website and content. The ability to monitor customer website engagement illuminates areas that need more attention. Content auditing also assists in eliminating digital presence dilemmas. When the time comes for the routine assessment, set clear goals by referring to past standard website engagement statistics that needed improving.

Build a digital marketing strategy

Utilize your regular content audit to help develop a marketing strategy and embrace sales initiatives. Digital marketing and analytics go hand-in-hand; known content, missing content, and metrics tracked are critical when creating a plan of action. Content auditing also is a tool for bettering the needs of the sales team, since product data collected can only improve sales conversations and consumers’ knowledge.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings LLC – a digital marketing company that was started in 2018 to provide industry-leading marketing services for small businesses. WNY Holdings LLC offers services such as content marketing, web design, graphic design, media creation, SEO, and Facebook advertising. They focus on creating an excellent user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Throughout the process, ongoing data analysis and custom reporting help clients track and understand how their digital marketing efforts are helping their businesses thrive.

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