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Getting Physical with Facebook
Getting Physical with Facebook

By: Charles-Henri Becquet, CEO, My Social Book

Businesses have an endless supply of marketing channels nowadays. 

Within social media, and particularly Facebook, that list is even larger, and ranges from targeted advertising and influencer campaigns to engaging organic content that engages your community. 

Allocating your marketing budget effectively can therefore be challenging, and what’s more, you’ve likely already spent considerable dollars creating a horde of social media content in the past.

All of these previously shared posts, brand photos and videos often sit unused, waiting to be brought to life again if only your team could find them; a tedious, tiresome and time-consuming social media management workflow. 

Automated web-based platforms simplify this process. This has prompted some social media managers to reassess the long-term marketing value of their company Facebook fan pages. 

Physical brand books are suddenly on the agenda and increasing in popularity. 

Photo books have been enjoyed by consumers for years, yet they are still underutilized by businesses. Perhaps the time has come to get physical with your Facebook company page for your next marketing campaign, as these four reasons explain why. 

1)     Difference drives sales

The most effective, highest performing social media campaigns break the mould so ask yourself, what can my business do differently that stands out?

If your competitors are ploughing dollars into pure digital channels, what about exploring a blend of online and physical marketing?

Printed books are powerful collateral for any business, but they are particularly worth trialling if your business involves face-to-face contact. Books immortalize your brand in a credible physical format that customers can quickly thumb through.

Tangibility equals luxury too, so if you’re a higher-end brand, a physical book of your Facebook page is more sustainable than an unconvincing paper PDF printed out and left on a desk.

2)     Customers love luxury statements 

What’s better for your reception area? An overread magazine or an eye-catching book celebrating your company’s successes, culture and achievements from the last twelve months? 

Printing your social media page is an exciting novelty that customers cannot help but pick up and read. A brand book shows off your business’s personality, cuts through the noise and tells your story in a luxurious way.   

It’s memorable, fun and elevates your campaign to higher heights.  

3)     Surprisingly cost effective

Facebook and Instagram advertising costs are only going one way in the future, and that’s upwards. The same applies to customer acquisition costs across all marketing channels. 

Mailing a company yearbook to your top customers, crucial partners and hard-to-reach prospects is an affordable method of retaining clients and winning new accounts while clearly demonstrating how much you care.

A single book can be read by thousands of customers coming through your door, which is a far higher return on investment compared to other marketing mediums. 

4)     Books never run out of battery 

Books are timeless. 

They never need recharging, aren’t hackable and are very rarely accidentally thrown away. Capturing your business’s social media profile in a book is something your business can utilize month after month.

If you send a copy to customers or prospects, books are stickier too. Throwing a book into the trash involves more effort than simply deleting an email. People are apprehensive about waste and they will pass your book around. 

So, at the dawn of a new decade, one full of technology and digital solutions to market your business with, perhaps it’s time you explored one of the oldest, most proven marketing methods currently in existence. 


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