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Link Building in 2020: Earn Quality Backlinks with These 6 Tactics
Link Building in 2020: Earn Quality Backlinks with These 6 Tactics

Every business wants their website to get more organic search traffic. Ranking at the top of a search engine for good keywords can generate thousands or even millions of organic visitors. And these visitors are important to businesses. Organic visitors have a far higher chance of becoming a client/customer than that of generic paid traffic. Over the years, link building has changed immensely with lesser quality links losing quite a bit of value in the last decade. Forum and directory links used to be a must, but these can now be seen as harmful. The creation and curation of the best content possible will make a link building campaign far less difficult. 

Below are some of the most effective link building tactics that will help a business generate both the quality and quantity of backlinks. 

Link Roundups on Websites, Social Media, and Email Blasts 

Link roundups relevant to a niche can generate quite a few backlinks. Companies or websites linked to or mentioned in the roundup are likely to share this with their followers on social media. Sections where the company is mentioned labeled “In the News” can allow for backlinks from these roundups to make a huge difference. Email blasts of these roundups can also generate backlinks especially if a recipient finds the roundup useful for those visiting their website. Roundups of content will continue to be an efficient way to generate backlinks and expand the reach of the company website. 

Creating Useful Evergreen Content For The Company Blog

Evergreen content that is created for the purpose of building links needs to be extremely useful to others in a business niche. A car insurance company creating an interactive piece of content that helps give estimates by state is a great example. Not only will other insurance-based websites link to this, but personal finance websites will also provide links. Decreasing car insurance costs can help a person save over the course of the year without decreasing the quality of coverage. 

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to build curated links to your site. However, over the years, it’s gotten more difficult to land a guest posting opportunity as many are now doing this. Finding someone with great connections in the guest blogging community can make things easier. Link-able is a great example as they have a plethora of top freelance authors from around the web. You can connect and hire with these experienced authors to go out and guest blog for you. 

It’s important to understand that editors are far more pickier than they used to be. Major publications like Huffington Post or Entrepreneur are getting increasingly harder to write for, unless you have an impressive author portfolio. Finding and hiring authors with these connections will eliminate the need for outreach, which can not only be time-consuming but can also be expensive to do over long periods. 

If doing outreach in-house, it is important to combine tactics of very targeted personal pitches and generic pitches sent out at high rates. For those that respond, utilizing another persona can be perfect to write a pitch that is more personalized. The better the pitch and more natural the backlink, the less of a chance that an editor will request compensation for the link. Glaring longtail anchor texts rarely are put into an article naturally. A natural anchor linking back to a blog post or case study actually adds value to the article. 

Gather Data For Industry Relevant Content Posts 

Gathering data via surveys about industry topics or an in-depth case study can be extremely interesting to industry professionals. Running a survey about the “State of Content Marketing” or “CEOs Rank The Most Effective Ways To Build A Healthy Sales Funnel In Digital Marketing” can provide information to churn out a great piece of content. The questions need to be specific though as unclear data being presented will make the case study or survey look low-quality. Looking to see which types of studies or surveys generated content with the most backlinks or social shares is imperative. Using data is intelligent before investing money in content creation. 

Keep Competitor Backlinks On The Radar

Taking a look at the backlinks competitors are building on a bimonthly basis does a few things. Learning about your competitors’ link building techniques provides valuable knowledge. A company that sees a competitor building backlinks on websites can opt to build higher-quality links. Being able to easily outreach a website to offer a piece of content of a higher quality is sure to gain a backlink. Do not implore blackhat tactics such as buying links on websites or building links on private blog networks. Stalking social media shares can usually be a great way to see which websites have accepted content from the competitor. Tools like Ahrefs or MonitorBacklinks are a great place to go to find most of the backlinks your competitors are building. 

Tapping into a Company’s Current Client Base 

Current clients of a company could potentially own some digital properties like blogs or online magazines. Asking for backlinks can yield quality links on relevant sites. The worst thing that a current client can say is no to the backlink request on their website. Most with good working relationships might ask for another piece of content with another link as a form of compensation. This will not work in all situations as a client’s website could be irrelevant to your company’s niche. For example, digital marketing companies work with a variety of clients. Publishing a link on a client’s site that covers insurance will not be as powerful as a link on a marketing or technology website that covers SEO. 


Building links will continue to drive organic traffic through search engine rankings. Finding the highest quality and most relevant sites to target is imperative. Google has been known to penalize links that are totally irrelevant or look totally unnatural in a piece of content. Localized pieces of content can help build links with a specific location incorporated into an anchor text. Focusing on outreach to build curated links is going to be imperative so enlisting the help of an agency or expert freelancers could provide the best ROI. 

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