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More on Finding Your Content Mojo
More on Finding Your Content Mojo

In a conversation in the SME: Digital (SoCoCo) office, I realized I do not have a lot of online conversations about stuff people normally talk about on social media. I rarely rehash episodes of the Bachelorette. Never review a movie or rate a restaurant. And for the love of God, I do not care which member of the Breakfast Club BuzzFeed thinks I would be! (Bonus points below if you knew me in high school and want to tell people who I was.)

So, I realized in the course of this conversation that I really don’t talk about that stuff because I’m not all that excited or passionate around those subjects. Yes, I do enjoy television and movies and books (BuzzFeed quizzes, not so much). But, I don’t really care. These things pass time. They don’t fuel me. I am not invested in any of those things. And therefore I don’t talk about them, because I don’t care to.

I only want to talk about those things that fuel me, fill me with energy and passion. I am passionate about digital and social marketing, blowing up the resume, and my family. I talk about those things all the time. And to anyone who will listen. Trust me, it’s annoying. And after all that bluster, here’s the lesson:

Only create content that your brand is passionate about.

LegoWhy? You ask. Well there are a bunch of reasons, but let’s start with this: The reader can tell. And when the reader sees your passion, they can get hooked and actually read the content. Which is a lot better than what we are getting right now. There are a lot of pieces of content that we are all publishing that doesn’t even get a glance, let alone read. But if you only wrote about things that you passionately cared about, that passion might get some attention and get read.

Second, it focuses you on what really matters. The stuff that your brand is coo-coo passionate about is generally stuff that makes you a company that sells stuff and makes money (!). Someone somewhere was passionate enough to create a product that people need. If people need your stuff, they buy it. If you give them information that supports your product in a passionate way, people get value from it and could enhance their experience. For example: I buy a lot of Legos. And their social presence is filled with great ways to enjoy Legos. It adds to the experience because it is soooo hyper-focused on building things.

When the reader sees your passion, they can get hooked and actually read the content

Third, when you cut the rest, your content would stand out. It gets above the clutter for people (a great headline never hurts). Which much of social media has become for people, clutter. And people are making very fast judgments about what to read and not to read. Cutting the clutter is a big task, but only talking about the stuff your nutso about makes it easier to cut through the clutter and you’ll likely find people that are thinking the same way you are. These people are your advocates. You can spot them with passionate content.

Finally, when you are passionate about something and you share only things that support that passion, a by-product might be that people might start looking for it. Could you imaging, people seeking out a brand’s content? Crazy concept, but when you have passion and a voice and purpose in what you write and share, people notice, they seek it out, and they want to be a part of it. Passion sells.

And this doesn’t just go for the 20% of content you are creating, it should also apply to the 80% you’re curating. That’s harder! But it is out there. You need to find it and share it. That being said, keep in mind, less is more. Keep it focused.

This could be an excellent litmus test for your content both created and curated. You should ask yourself: Does this content convey our passion on the subject? If the answer is no, start again. If the answer is maybe, start again. In this case, maybe = no. If the answer is yes, happy publishing!

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