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How A Top 10 Digital Marketing Professional Uses Influencer Marketing to Boost Content
How A Top 10 Digital Marketing Professional Uses Influencer Marketing to Boost Content

Today it is all about strategic marketing. Someone who is more than aware of that need, is Lee Odden, the CEO of TopRank Marketing. He is constantly mentioned in leading publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He was also recognized as a 2016 top ten influencer in digital marketing.

Now Lee shares his insights on content marketing, and how when paired with influencer marketing, it creates the perfect relationship.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is content created for a specific audience. It is designed for a particular outcome and measured by the results it receives. It provides information and lets a reader decide based on what they read.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of public relations where a website receives an endorsement from another. It primarily works off the authenticity of a site and boosts the credibility of another.

Influencer marketing is growing quickly for content marketers, and instead of just measuring marketing outcomes and acquisitions, it helps achieve brand recognition as well.

The Benefits of Combining Influencer Marketing with Content Marketing

1. Gaining Authority from the Experts Others Trust

Today, readers are receiving a plethora of data, and at times, it is too much for any reader to handle. Plus, users are unaware of what information they are reading is true. To find something they can trust, they go to experts and authorities in the industry.

With an influencer, a company can link with another that has credibility and authority, and when that authority promotes something, their audience listens and acts on the advice. Therefore, companies who work together to influence one another’s goals, especially via content, will generate trusted content instantly.

2. Reaching a Layer of Authenticity with Readers

Most importantly, companies can collaborate and create co-authored content that has a layer of authenticity that attracts customers. Essentially, businesses can reach qualitative content when they work with an influence marketer.

Getting Started with a Combination Strategy

Odden points out that a combination strategy only succeeds when you understand your target audience. That includes knowing how they find information, where they prefer to read their media, and what triggers them into action.

A company must know what their brand stands for, and what influencers are relatable to their values and beliefs.

The Difference between B2B and B2C Influencer Marketing

Influencer recruiting will be different for a B2C company versus a B2B company. If a person is selling in the consumer sector, they need influencers who are in the community and match up with their target demographic.

For the B2B sector, it is much different. It is a relationship-based situation, and there is no single market where someone can find a B2B influencer. There are, however, search engines for influencers. Odden recommends considering Traacker, an influencer marketing platform.

Relevance is Critical

For bloggers who want to engage in influence marketing, Odden points out that the influencer must be topically relevant. Also, that site must have engagement. A good influencer for a blog is one that has plenty of people interacting with the content, commenting, sharing, and engaging.

Engaging with Influencers Requires Finesse

Engaging with an influencer is like establishing a relationship.

You must find out what drives that influencer, focusing in on what they care about. Also, a company must know what they can offer in return for that influencer taking them on. Typically, there needs to be a correlation between promotion and visibility for both sides for the relationship to work.

Most importantly, a content marketer must be succinct, funny, and show empathy toward the influencer they approach. They need to get into the head of the individual in charge and connect. It should be a personal relationship more than a business transaction. After all, the quality of a relationship between content marketer and influence marketer is critical.

Even when influencing is not happening, or the project is on pause, staying in communication is important. If you only contact your influencer when you need them to influence, you are not cultivating the relationship.

Lastly, while Odden says that paying influencers does work, he is not the type to pay. Instead, he looks for the organic relationships instead of a paid basis.

Getting the most out of your content marketing is complex, but not impossible. When you combine it with influencer marketing, you may notice an improvement in your rank and brand authority. To learn more about how you can improve influencer and content marketing strategies, talk to the team at Magnificent.

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