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3 Hard-Learned Lessons From the World of MarTech
3 Hard-Learned Lessons From the World of MarTech

When Tom Libretto came to Pegasystems as Chief Marketing Officer in 2016, he recognized that the tech company was in the midst of a big change. Leadership was challenging many of its preconceived notions and he jumped right in to propel and accelerate the changes.

While his first two priorities were to get the lay of the land and apply his disciplined approaches to a nimble company such as Pegasystems, his long-term goal for the company was to push the change from traditional approaches and embrace modern marketing with real-time adaptive learning analytics. While the experience may not have been for the faint of heart, it taught him three important lessons that all marketers working in Marketing Technology (MarTech) can benefit from.

1. Use the Product You’re Selling

Pegasystem is considered the number one vendor and software for customer engagement and operational excellence. The product works so well that Pegasystem uses its own software to market themselves to consumers. Think about what that says to consumers: Our product is so good, we’re using it right now to tell you about our product. Authenticity for the win!

2. The Future of Marketing Is Now

Marketers talk about the future of marketing and artificial intelligence as if it isn’t already here. Spoiler alert! The future is here now. Marketing is this beautiful combination of art and science, and while marketing technology is becoming bigger and more adaptive, brands still need to tell their stories. AI, no matter how adaptive it is, will never replace the art of storytelling.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Libretto’s favorite saying is: “If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.” The key to failing the “right” way (because yes, there is a right way) is to know what went wrong. Why did you fail? What could you do better next time to avoid making the same mistake? So, if you’re going to fail, it’s important to be able to diagnose the failure and see it as a lesson learned.

To hear more about the internal processes behind a company’s transformation and how Libretto led the change from traditional to modern marketing, check out the latest Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast with guest, Tom Libretto, Chief Marketing Officer at Pegasystems:

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