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Will Social Media Die? 5 Signs of Social Media’s Future
Will Social Media Die? 5 Signs of Social Media’s Future

There’s no doubt that social media marketing has long since been a favorite channel of Internet marketing professionals worldwide. 

When social media platforms initially started coming out, many people decried it as a temporary fad that would pass with time. That raises the question: will social media die in the near future? Is 2020 finally the year that these original naysayers will be proven right in their skepticism?

The short answer is simple: absolutely not! Social media is here to stay.

However, there’s no doubting the fact that social media platforms are continually evolving. Social media is hardly recognizable compared to what it was when Myspace came out so many years ago.

To help you stay on top of these constant changes, we’ve collected a list of five trends that social media is moving towards in 2020.

1. Banner Blindness

As advertising continues to pervade all aspects of social media platforms, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the end user is wising up. They are becoming more and more desensitized to ads. Fewer and fewer ads get clicked every day. The natural consequence of this is that businesses have to rethink their social media strategy.

2. Influencers Everywhere

One of the ways that one can rethink his or her social media strategy is to start leveraging influencer marketing. People love to follow social media influencers, i.e. those people with massive, almost cult-like fan followings. Leverage sponsored posts on these influencer profiles in order to connect with your audience in an age when the standard advertising schemes simply aren’t cutting it.

To keep generating traffic from organic methods, it might be time to look outside social media to SEO. Consider hiring an SEO Company that knows what it’s doing  and make sure that when they reach out they send HIPAA compliant text messages. It’s becoming harder and harder to end up in people’s mail boxes so text messaging to reach influencers is the preferred strategy for 2020 and beyond.

3. Political Content

Many social media platforms have taken a strong stance against the pervasiveness of fake news in its platform, but there’s no way of keeping all political content out of social media. Expect to see political figures use social media all the more in 2020 as the Internet continues to break down communication barriers between the general public and state leaders.

4. Video is the Future

Now that most folks have access to high-speed Internet connections, video is becoming the preferred format that people consume content, even on social media. Take, for instance, social platforms like Tik Tok and Vine, both of which are or were completely video-based.

5. Mobile-Focused Social Platforms

Last but not least, expect even more social platforms to focus on their mobile experience. Snapchat and Tik Tok, for instance, only have mobile apps — you can’t access the platform without downloading the app.

Will Social Media Die in 2020? Certainly Not

So the answer to the question of will social media die in 2020 is a simple no. However, as we have seen in this article, social media marketing is continually evolving and your marketing strategy must evolve alongside it in order to stay relevant.

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