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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Creative Self
5 Questions You Should Ask Your Creative Self

Creativity is not instantaneous. Sure, you may have your “Aha!” moments, but true creativity is a constant, active process. Like with toned muscles, it takes work and training to get there. Some may think creativity is reserved for children playing pretend, but creativity is actually the seed of innovation. And who doesn’t want to be innovative?

In the latest Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast, creativity expert Larry Robertson shares his own experience and insights from several MacArthur Fellows. In particular, Larry references Deborah Meier, who in 1987 received a MacArthur “Genius” Award for her innovative work in public education. A good starting point would be to think of questions for an AMA. Try asking yourself these five questions to if you’re looking to really flex your creative muscles!

1. How Do I Know What I Know?

Check in with your thoughts and assumptions. Sometimes we get caught in a repetitive closed-circuit loop of thought, which is counterintuitive to creativity.

2. Is There a Pattern?

People tune out to things that deviate from the norm and attribute it to noise (see above: closed-circuit loop). By checking in with our thoughts and assumptions, we allow for those deviations to come through.

3. What If…?

Once you’ve answered the first two questions, you can start playing the “What-If” game and really get creative with it.

4. Is There Another Way of Looking at It?

Can you flip the scenario and see it from a different angle? What does that angle tell you?

5. Who cares?

Innovation is an awesome goal to strive towards, but if no one other than you cares, it doesn’t lead to much.

To hear more about creativity, check out the latest Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast below. Drew Neisser talks with creativity expert Larry Robertson, author of the highly acclaimed new book “The Language of Man” and the eight-time award-winning book, “A Deliberate Pause.” He is also the founder and executive director of the (re) institute, as well as the founder and president of Lighthouse Consulting LLC.

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