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How Social Media Can Aid In Ruining A Relationship
How Social Media Can Aid In Ruining A Relationship

Marriage in the digital age is far different than it is in the past. The ability to reach out to old flings or exes is far easier than ever before with social media. Many people have been tempted by this in the past but never had a way to follow through. Once people cool down after a fight or a rough patch in a relationship they usually come to their senses. The best thing that people can do is to communicate well outside of social media as some of the best couples on social media might be the most dysfunctional in person. The following are ways that social media can make or break a marriage or relationship.

Talking To Exes Or Former Love Interests

Talking to former love interests or exes even if you are friends can cause insecurity or distrust in a relationship. There is no reason to talk to an ex unless you have children with them as they are not with you for a reason. This does not mean that you cannot be friends with people online but do not interact with them via social media. Nobody wants that thought creeping into the back of their head about an ex you never heard about. Avoid consistent interaction and avoid issues in your relationship due to something that might be harmless on your end. The one aspect of this is that the interaction might not be harmless on both ends as you do not know what the other party’s intentions are.

Showcasing Your Issues On Social Media

The worst thing that many people can do is showcase their relationship problems on social media. There are a variety of reasons for this including placing a divide between your family members, friends, and your significant others. People that comment “You deserve better” could be seen as a detriment to a relationship. Holidays will be far worse if you know what your in-laws think of your relationship. Regardless if you are involved with someone that likes to showcase relationship issues on social media, break it off. Their family and they like the drama as this is the only reason to do is as they want to feel validated in their anger or insecurities.

Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

Spending too much time on the phone regardless of whether you are on social media or not can be damaging to your relationship. Contacting a Long Beach divorce attorney might be in your cards if you find that you cannot speak to your significant other when out to dinner or at home spending quality time together. Smartphone addiction is real so understand this but do not allow this to be an excuse for rude behavior as having a phone out at a meal is the definition of rude.

Easier To Find Out About Infidelity

There were days where you would have to walk in on someone cheating to find out about it. There were no tracking devices on phones or cars so a significant other could not be monitored. In today’s world social media makes it much easier to find one another online as well as smartphones are great for gathering evidence. The question then becomes whether you should be with a person that you believe is cheating on you. Social media can make it easy to reach out to those that you think might be in a relationship with your significant other. There is far more transparency in today’s world which is a negative for cheaters.

As you can see there are plenty of negative aspects about social media and relationships. There are also positives like being able to showcase your love in a public manner so it is not all just negative. Evaluate how social media is impacting your relationship currently!

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