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How to Use Social Media to Connect While Following Social Distancing
How to Use Social Media to Connect While Following Social Distancing

For years we have read about how social media is distancing people, but due to the current pandemic scenario, it has actually become the need of the hour. Avoiding going out or staying away from friends and family is not easy, even in the era of social media where you are virtually connected with everyone. Studies have shown that people are getting more and more anxious and stressed as they are unsure of their future, and staying away from loved ones is taking a major toll on the mental health of many. 

You should thank your stars you are part of a generation that is technologically so advanced that you can virtually interact with anyone around the world. Even older generations who were not technology savvy have now adopted this model to stay connected to their children and peers. 

Let us help you stay connected with the world by suggesting few social media interaction techniques to help you be mentally sane. 

1. Catch Up with Your Family:

Almost all the social media apps offer video chat to connect with your friends and family. Group chat is the best way to talk to a set of people while enjoying a coffee or drinks. Not able to speak to people may make you feel restless, which can easily be dealt with by conducting a simple video chat.

2. Plan Virtual Events:

You would not want your friends to miss your kid’s 1st birthday party or your wife’s surprise party. You can do all that online by connecting with people and hosting a social media event. Your friends may not be physically present, but connecting with multiple friends and hosting a virtual party is also a good enough surprise during the social distancing phase which your wife will love. 

3. Join Live Parties or Concerts:

We are talking about joining large events that got canceled due to the pandemic. Artists all over the world have started hosting online events to entertain the public. If you wish to enjoy such events, you can very well join these live parties that are as entertaining as it could get.

4. Do a Virtual Movie Night:

Remember movie nights with friends and popcorn? Well, that seems to be a faraway dream now, as calling people home is not a safe opinion anymore. Did you know Netflix lets you arrange a personal movie night with friends who have their own Netflix subscription? The stream can be synced between all devices by just downloading a browser extension. There is a built-in-chat feature too for communication while the movie is playing. How cool is that?

The Bottom Line- You are Not Alone:

This is probably the first time in years when almost the entire world has shut down functioning normally, and it is not easy to live our lives this way. People are slowly getting out nowadays, maintaining caution because it is almost impossible for most of us to be cooped up in our homes. You can always utilize the ideas above to connect with people but if you feel the need to hang out, you can visit Escape Room Atlanta, which is not just fun but also safe to hangout as you only will be around your own set of friends and they also disinfect their rooms after each and every game.

It is for you and your family’s best interest to maintain social distancing but remember to stay connected with people as it is the only way to push ahead during these trying times.

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