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Social Media Traps You Might Fall Into
Social Media Traps You Might Fall Into

Do you want to use social media to your company’s advantage? If you own a small or new business, it’s a good idea to leverage the potential marketing power that comes with the right use of social media outlets. Chat apps, friend sites, and other major social media (SM) outlets are a key part of many entrepreneurs’ sales and advertising efforts. What many people forget is that it’s easy to make errors and end up with nothing to show for all the time you put it. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll not only waste time but actually lose customers by saying the wrong thing to the wrong people. The entire environment can be volatile and unpredictable. That’s why it makes so much sense to learn about the common traps and avoid them. Here are some of the most frequent that business owners fall prey to social media pitfalls.

Wasted Time

By far, the biggest problem with working the social media angle is wasted time. By their nature, social sites draw you into discussions, chats, and conversations that can go on and on. We all know the feeling of spending time on a site and suddenly realizing that an hour has passed by without notice. It’s one thing to fall into the time trap when you’re not at work, but when it’s company time, the wasted minutes can really cost you. Set time limits and make lists of exactly what you want to achieve in each at-work session.

Ignoring SEO

When posting content, be certain that it’s SEO optimized. That way, the big search engines will notice it and boost its ranking. In the end, good SEO strategies will pay off handsomely with more traffic to your main site, more sales, and increased revenue. Hire an SEO freelancer with confidence and you’ll get solid results. But, don’t expect overnight traffic surges. Smart SEO takes at least a few weeks to kick in, but the wait and expense is worth it. An experienced freelancer will be able to check your main site as well as anything you post socially. That way, every word you speak on behalf of your company will be targeted and have a higher probability of bringing in new business.

Trying to Do Too Much

Don’t spread yourself, and your time, too thin. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that more is better. Don’t believe it. Focus on just one or two outlets and add your best content and comments. Consider posting no more than once per day. Even an every-other-day strategy can be highly effective. Some entrepreneurs choose their two favorite social sites and post something every day on alternate ones.

Being Controversial

When you court controversy, political argument, or combative interactions, you lose. Some owners are lured by the initial burst of publicity such content can bring in. The problem is the long-term effect, which can be destructive. The list of companies that have fallen into this trap is long. Don’t become one of them.

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