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Relationship Success with Social Media: It’s Important to Stay Connected
Relationship Success with Social Media: It’s Important to Stay Connected

Live-in partners face a problem couples who date rarely meet. Their lives run alongside each other, but their friendship might weaken. Everyday chores and obligations take precedence over maintaining intimacy, and connectivity fades. If the scenario fits, here’s how disconnection occurs and the way to fix the problem.

Lack of communication

You coexist, but do you relate? In the days when love was new, you expressed your thoughts and feelings. You discussed huge issues and trivial matters alike. Doing so kept you up-to-date with what went on in each other’s heads and lives.

Communication is the linchpin of a healthy relationship. Without it, the ability to have a heart-to-heart dies. You get out of the habit, and since you don’t feel close, you prefer not to share information about yourself.

Did you know? Using a matchmaking service such as Kelleher International can help screen out matches with poor communication skills.

Reignite shared interests

You used to do enjoyable activities together, remember? You went bowling, dancing, or clubbing. Perhaps, you played crazy golf, or ate at a different restaurant each week. Find common ground and have fun again.

You can even find others that share your interests if you visit a MeetUp group.

Don’t let excuses creep in though. If you haven’t much money, how about hiking or taking a picnic to the park at lunchtimes? You’ll have something to look forward to and revitalize your bond.

Go on a date night at least once a month

Make date night different from occasions when you carry out shared hobbies. Primp and preen before going out. Endeavor to look and feel attractive like you did when you first dated. See each occasion as a chance to let each other in on your feelings too and get used to sharing intimate conversations.

Set aside time to catch-up.

You’ll catch-up somewhat on date nights, but don’t rely on them as the only means of establishing cozy chats. Make time to talk too. You need not hold meetings–too formal–but you can arrange events to aid communication.

Sit at the dining table to eat, for instance, and ban mobile phones until you’ve finished meals. Walk your dog together or share other duties like shopping so you’ve ample opportunities to talk.

When you decided to live together, you thought you’d get closer. The opposite might be true though. Keep intimacy alive by rekindling fun and affection. Talk more and share interests to help your relationship flourish rather than fade.


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