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How to Build Your Brand by Organically Growing Your Social Media Following
How to Build Your Brand by Organically Growing Your Social Media Following

Social media serves many purposes, but if you’ve got a product or service to sell, it’s the perfect tool to help build your business. Though paid advertising will likely be necessary at some point, developing your brand organically can lay a strong foundation for your business if you’re new on the scene. What are some of the best tips for growing your social media presence organically?

  1. Find your niche

Before all else, know your target audience. Who will benefit most by using your product or service? Are you selling a product for new moms, or are you a health coach for men with diabetes? Consider the audience you’re speaking to, and keep that in mind with every choice you make going forward. As much as we would love to meet everyone’s needs, we can be much more effective and valuable to our audience when we hone in on our niche.

  1. Show your audience who you are

We could push products or services onto our audience all day, but unless they know who we really are there will be little sense of reliability. Show your audience your personality—utilize text as well as video! Live video on Instagram and Facebook is a great way to show off your personality and get to know your audience on a deeper level.

  1. Utilize hashtags to boost visibility

Hashtags are an awesome way to get your content out there—particularly on Instagram. Do some market research surrounding what you offer, and find active hashtags that fit well. Finding popular hashtags is a great idea, but keep in mind that if it has millions of posts associated with it, yours might get lost in the mix.

  1. Give your audience valuable content

Provide your audience with content they can really get something out of. How will they walk away feeling after they’ve seen your posts? Are there any free resources you can provide them with? Can you provide ideas for action steps they can take toward reaching a goal? If your product is a daily planner, consider listing steps users can take to play their schedule effectively. If you’re a personal trainer, post exercises or workout plans.

  1. Be consistent and engaging

Keep your posting schedule consistent so that your audience has new and valuable information regularly. When you receive comments or direct messages, engage with your audience. Not only will this boost your visibility, but it also allows your audience to build their trust in you by connecting with you more deeply.

While you may eventually choose to utilize paid ads, developing an organic following is not only a cost effective way to lay the foundation, but it’s also sustainable long-term. Give these 5 ideas a try when building your business.

A final note

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