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Why Instagram Beats Facebook for Reaching Millennial Women
Why Instagram Beats Facebook for Reaching Millennial Women

Every brand needs to appreciate the uniqueness of their target audience. This is one of the most important lessons of social media marketing. You must keep this in mind while looking for the most appropriate social networks for you are marketing strategy.

Are you trying to influence millennial women? You should consider investing your marketing resources in Instagram.

Instagram becomes one of the top platforms for reaching millennial woman

Last year, Bustle conducted a survey on the preferences of millennial women. The survey polled 1,000 women under the age of 34. The purpose of the study was to get a better sense of their overall purchasing habits, but it covered their behavior on social media as well.

The survey showed that 40% of millennial women felt Instagram was the best platform for reaching their demographic. Other studies have supported these findings. One poll by L2 Think Tank showed that Instagram has twice as many engaged users and 15 times as much engagement as Facebook, which is usually considered the absolute best platform for reaching customers.

However, developing an Instagram marketing strategy involves a lot of planning and forethought. Marketers need to understand the preferences of millennial women and build their social media strategy around them.

Understanding the best approaches to using Instagram for influencing women

You will get a lot more out of your Instagram marketing strategy if you follow the right guidelines. Here are some important tips for engaging with women through this social networking site.

Present the socially conscious elements of your brand

Millennial women have rebuked the stereotype that their generation is self-absorbed. They take pride in promoting socially conscious causes. Here are some statistics from Bustle:

  • 51% of the millennial women responding to the survey felt that companies should give back to society, rather than focusing entirely on own their bottom line
  • 49% set that they want brands to invest more resources in protecting the environment
  • 34% of these women claim they will pay more for products that are eco-friendly

You need to appreciate these concerns before developing an Instagram strategy. If your brand is already committed to social activism, you need to emphasize those practices in your Instagram campaigns. Brands that have not developed a mission statement that includes social responsibility should consider developing one if they want to appeal to millennial women.

Get insights from the right female influencers

There are a lot of general rules of thumb that you can follow. However, these principles might not be best for your own customers. You need to get a sense of their priorities by looking at the content that influencers in your niche share.

There are a lot of women that use Instagram to reach people in their industry.  Isabel Dos Santos is an example of an entrepreneur and famous Instagram user that has done very well influencing women. If you are trying to learn how to influence female entrepreneurs, she might be the perfect person to follow. Isabel has a great video that is worth checking out as an example. In this video, she says the following:

“I remind all women that they must stand out, do more and do it better, in our companies, our families and communities. Being able to see our people grow like Maria is a source of pride for us at Zap. Maria started out as a store assistant and today she is the head of [a major company.”

Segment your audience targeting

Many brands have discovered the perils of pigeonholing their customers with overly broad marketing messages. You can’t assume that all millennial women are seeking the same experiences or share the same priorities.

Take some time to segment your audience. You should have separate campaigns for core groups of women that you market to, such as young mothers, urban working professionals and young women living in rural communities. Always split-test campaigns for all of your audiences to make sure that you are utilizing your marketing budget in the most ideal way for all of them.

incorporate humor into your content

Most brands have found that it is too easy to get lost in the features of their products or services. They lose sight of the importance of being personable. Millennial women actually prefer content that is thought-provoking or funny. One poll by NewsCred showed that 70% of women will happily share content that gets them to laugh.

Optimize Your Instagram Strategy Carefully

Finding the right Instagram marketing strategy is essential. Millennial women have unique needs and expectations, so you will want to make sure that you develop your strategy to accommodate them. These guidelines should help you get off on the right foot.

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