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4 Things Clients Want to See in Instagram Reports
4 Things Clients Want to See in Instagram Reports

Are you one of the thousands of internet marketers who can’t stop thinking about how to provide the best service to satisfy your clients? Your daily task usually consists of two parts: the fun part including content creation and Instagram optimization; and a somewhat dull part that includes collecting data and organizing a monthly report for your clients. With more companies relying on Instagram, it has become doubly difficult to stay on top of everything. But as long as you know what clients want to see in these reports, this process would be less of a trouble.

Accurate reporting

Clients want specific information that resolves their marketing issues. Excel sheets full of data and a fancy presentation may look pleasing to the eye, but that’s not what they want. It’s crucial to understand your client’s goals. For example, if a company helps in selling websites like Quiet Light Brokerage, they may want to know the growth percentage of their social media posts. In that case, you need to highlight the number of posts for week 1 compared to the posts for week 2. You should follow this up with figures showing an increase in the number of followers and customers as a result of the posts in week 2.

Brand value

With Instagram analytics and Instagram report automation, all the work may seem cut out for you. You have more time to focus on your client’s goals instead of spending hours making reports. But, that’s not the point here. Instagram reports have their watermark on their branded PDF files. This creates a lesser impact on the client as they don’t have their contractor’s brand or logo. Instagram’s logo is inconsequential to them. 

Moreover, when you are directing your clients with a URL that is not yours, the client may not find you credible enough to work on their project. They will rather access the analytics platform directly instead of spending on your services. So, whenever you send PDF reports from Instagram or redirect your clients to a live insight’s dashboard, make sure you have their contractor’s logo. This increases brand value, which goes a long way in making you look more professional.

Report frequency

This is a tricky one. Since every client is different, you need to understand what works for whom. Some clients want reports based on their company’s growth assessment. They may want the reports weekly or even annually. However, most companies prefer monthly reports when it comes to Instagram marketing. The statistics help clients to understand where their account is heading. Some of the Instagram automated analytics tools allow users to send weekly reports. But it is always wise to know from the horse’s mouth exactly when they need them.

Valuable data

Your priority should be to provide data that offers real value to the client. It should communicate the client’s marketing goals. Whether it is account achievements, account statistics, quantitative data, or balance of graphs, the client will look to track his/her growth using your service. So, instead of presenting lots of raw numbers and figures, try to provide a compact report that speaks more about the company’s growth.

Client reporting is often a tedious job. But, if you keep these things in mind, it can become a lot easier than you think.

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