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Designing your Website? Consider these 7 Highly Effective Tips
Designing your Website? Consider these 7 Highly Effective Tips

Websites play a pivotal role in any business and are undoubtedly the most important factor in the success of it. Alongside, website designs are also a means for judging a company’s credibility and consequently influencing conversions, bounce rates, and SEO in Maryland and all across the world. 

But have you been relying on your gut feeling all this while when planning out a design for your new website? Well, don’t fret anymore or spend the majority of your time discovering options for a well-designed responsive website as we have listed below a few extremely effective tips backed by research for web design in Frederick MD or wherever you’re based. 

1. Keep it simple and clean

Layout of any web page should always be clean and clutter-free i.e. there should never be too many elements overlapping one another. Additionally, make sure to utilise the available space to the maximum leaving limited scope for whitespace. Graphics and text must be visually balanced and the text must be written in a manner that its meaning is easily conveyable to the target audience. 

2. Use brand-compliant designs

Make sure to always incorporate designs which are impressive, easy to read and understand while at the same time correlate with your brand’s underlying objectives.This proves beneficial as it helps users to recognise and relate with your brand in just a glance. 

3. Make navigation easy 

Direct and easily comprehensible paths are preferred by users hence it is advisable to include a navigation system which is a cakewalk for them. Hyperlinks must be set apart from other content and be made visible with contrasting colors for easy access. But at the same time, make sure to keep navigational bars to the minimum. 

4. Sitemaps are a must

A sitemap is a guide or directory which holds information pertaining to a website in addition to the already prevalent content on different web pages. Having sitemaps with a clearly constructed goal is one of the main driving factors to a website’s success. A well-structured sitemap makes a website easily discoverable by search engines and in return provides users with more accurate search results depending on the keywords associated with the website. 

5. Must be mobile-friendly

As already known, people today are hooked to their phones for a maximum amount of time which clearly means losing your significant target audience and google authority in case your website is not responsive on mobile.Therefore, make sure that your site renders effectively when accessed via mobiles and tablets and doesn’t lose critical information.  

6. Take care of screen load time 

Using designs which make your website load faster like CSS allows users to carry out their respective operations with ease and efficiency thereby booming up the sales of the website with minimal bounces. A higher page load time means lower customer satisfaction which in turn prevents them from returning to your website. Additionally, page load time is also considered an essential element by search engines like Google in determining page rankings. 

7. Make it SEO-conscious 
Ignoring SEO for website today is a threat in itself and definitely one of the reasons for losing out on chance visitors that could have converted into potential customers. As new methods and tools for optimization have been on a development spree, SEO has undoubtedly become an unavoidable part of running a brand’s online presence. And, this includes keeping a strong collection of backlinks, using keywords and commonly searched phrases in your content along with adding and keeping the online links active are just a few ways to optimize your site for SEO. Adopting these methods shall drive immense traffic to your website in no time!

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