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6 Tips for Effectively Managing a Small Business
6 Tips for Effectively Managing a Small Business

It’s hard work building a business, but you did it anyway because you’re a born entrepreneur. Now that you’ve started a small business though, it’s time to manage it. This can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s not impossible. Read these 6 tips on how to manage people effectively, and your small business will be up and running in no time.

1) Be Consistent

The most basic principle in managing a company effectively is to be consistent in your practices. If you’re rewarding good behavior, make sure you’re doing it every time that behavior is performed (such as delivering a flawless report). Similarly, if you’re discouraging bad behaviors, make sure you’re discouraging them each time they come up, regardless of who performs them. This includes even managers, if they are consistently late to meetings. Treating all members of your team equally lets them know they can trust you.

2) Be the Example

Make sure you’re leading your team by example. If you’re not upholding the ideal of a perfect employee, your team will follow suit. For example, showing up late to work will foster an environment where people will be less punctual. If you don’t care, your employees won’t either. Always be on your best behavior.

3) Adapt to Change

Change is inevitable, especially when you’re operating in a dynamic industry. Yet employees and management act in a frenzy when change occurs. The key to handling change effectively is adopting a steady and calm mindset that your team can adopt and move forward.

Additionally, it’s useful to inform employees upon being hired that change will inevitably occur within the company. It’s good to be a business that evolves to embrace the growing market. If your team members are aware of this, they’ll be more likely to adjust to a major shift easily.

4) Listen and Ask Questions

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when managing a team is silencing someone who disagrees with you. A good leader is someone who listens to criticism and learns from it. Asking questions like “What do you think of this?” and “How could the work you’re doing be more conducive to a better work environment?” are opportunities to make your team happier and work more efficiently.

5) Apps

We’ve covered the mindset you should have when managing a business. Now it’s time to cover the logistics. A major tool you can use in managing your team effectively is through apps. For example, small business management apps provide value and utility to users. They come in many different forms and offer management tools like spreadsheets and logistical information, as well as customer information systems. (And if you don’t have the time or compunction to build an app, consider SMS marketing as a way to leverage your customers’ mobile phone usage).

6) Cut Costs

It’s also important for entrepreneurs to stay smart about their finances when managing a team. Every business incurs two types of costs: fixed and variable. Unlike the fixed costs in your budget plan, there is room for savings in variable costs. Instead of buying branded software, your business can work with free, cloud-based software that is just as good. Additionally, using tools like online calls and video conferences, instead of travelling long distances to meet with clients, is an equally useful way of cutting costs. If you manage your finances well, you’ll be less stressed and able to focus on managing your team efficiently.

See? Not that scary at all. With your natural leadership skills and these useful tools, you will become an excellent manager and your business will reach its full potential in no time. Now go manage!

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