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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle: 135 Social Media Tools in One Package
The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle: 135 Social Media Tools in One Package

A successful marketing campaign requires taking care of multiple tasks. Before starting it, it is crucial to think about:

  • your target audience;
  • your main goals;
  • your offer;
  • your media channel;
  • your way to engage people;
  • your marketing resources.

In other words, you should understand what goals you want to achieve. In such a way, you get a chance to create an excellent promotion.

By the way, your campaign can attract many people on some special days. We are speaking about the holidays. These shopping days can provide you with lots of customers and money. Yet, the most crucial part is to choose something special to draw attention to your campaign.

The Internet is always ready to give you lots of useful assets. However, you might need to search for them for long-long hours. For this reason, many people decide to turn to advanced packages that include everything they need. Are you also interested in getting something like this?

Today, we want to speak about a brand-new ultimate digital marketing bundle. It is a multi-functional tool that can be suitable for marketers and their eCommerce needs. However, before grabbing it, you should get familiar with all the details. Let us look through them and understand whether it is the right choice for you…

Why Do You Need This Bundle Among Other Social Media Resources?

A season of discounts might require different original elements. This bundle includes a high number of components crafted to increase your sales. They are suitable for the following holidays and events:

  • Christmas;
  • New Year;
  • Black Friday;
  • Cyber Monday;
  • Halloween;
  • Thanksgiving;
  • Saint’s Valentine’s Day;
  • Women’s Day;
  • Easter;
  • Back-to-School.

In our opinion, these marketing resources are flexible. It means that you can customize them and use them for some particular purposes.

By the way, we have not mentioned who can find this bundle useful. Except for marketers, it would be an advanced variant for bloggers, retailers, owners of online-stores, and others.

What Social Resources Does the Bundle Include?

1. Landing Pages

A high-quality landing page is a tool that always manages to build trust. It should focus on your offer and spread the message at its best. These are the essential options that you need to include:

  • relevant illustrations;
  • engaging animation effects;
  • fully-responsive design;
  • modern typography;
  • brochures;
  • flyers;
  • original logos;
  • and others.

Look through the topics of some landing pages included in the bundle:

  • greeting card;
  • Christmas event;
  • education;
  • cafe and restaurant;
  • Halloween;
  • and many others.

2. Animated Banners

What is one of the best ways to highlight the latest discounts? It seems to us that banners can arouse interest in your potential customers. This package has seven animated banners to choose from. These are crafted for:

  • Saint Valentine’s Sale;
  • Easter;
  • education;
  • food and restaurant;
  • Black Friday Sale;
  • Christmas Sale;
  • professional services.

3. Newsletter Templates

Many people are interested in getting updates about your services. Many eCommerce businesses take advantage of newsletters to drive more sales. Only after them, companies pay their attention to direct sales.

The bundle has 14 ready-made templates you can opt for. They have a fully-editable nature. You can customize them according to your vision and change them without any programming knowledge.

4. Social Media Banners

Nowadays, it is impossible to create a successful marketing campaign without social media. It is the first place to put your advertisement if you want to get popularity. Many companies decide to spend lots of money on this resource. By the way, you can find out more about essential tactics to increase your customer engagement on social media.

The bundle provides eight social media banners. It is possible to use them to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. In such a way, you are free to start using social media to grow a business.

Below, you can quickly look through other marketing and social media resources included in the bundle.

5. Beautiful Icons

6. Illustrations

7. Logos

8. Mockups

9. Corporate Identity Flyers and Brochures

The Essential Features to Keep in Mind

These marketing resources have such obvious benefits as:

  • fully-responsive design (that adapts to all the devices);
  • sorted according to holidays;
  • easy-to-customize nature;
  • 135 marketing and social media resources;
  • 20 holiday campaigns.

In general, the package has:

  • nine fonts;
  • seven animated banners;
  • ten icons;
  • 15 landing page templates;
  • 20 illustrations;
  • eight social media banners;
  • six mockups;
  • 15 newsletter templates;
  • 20 logos;
  • 25 flyers and brochures.

Without a doubt, you want to know how much everything costs. Instead of paying $2400, you can spend only $99. To be honest, it is an affordable price, considering how many components included in the package. 

What about checking the most popular marketing resources from the bundle?

  1. Food and drinks animated banners
  2. Candy shop typography
  3. Halloween logos
  4. Instagram and Facebook covers
  5. Icons for Saint Valentine’s Day
  6. Youtube channel items
  7. Art and animal logos
  8. Different illustrations
  9. Christmas Newsletters
  10. Service flayers
  11. Corporate templates
  12. Various product mockups
  13. Flat icons

As you can understand, this bundle has many eye-catching assets you can grab. Anyway, it would be best if you were sure that they suit your purpose. Do you focus on making seasonal marketing campaigns? In this case, it is an incredible choice. If you are looking for basic elements, you can also try something different. Yet, there are some tools you can use for every idea you can come up with. It is also worth saying that its price stands out from the crowd. We are not sure that you can find so many marketing resources in one place for $99. One more advantage is the availability of different promotional channels. You are free to create not only online-projects. It is possible to spread your message using social media, newsletters, and others. When you engage the biggest part of these channels, you will get the opportunity to become well-known. We hope that it was interesting to learn about the ultimate digital marketing bundle. Now, you can decide whether it is appropriate for your purpose or not. Thanks for reading!

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