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How Spotify Could Save Snapchat
How Spotify Could Save Snapchat

When a social media platform is gaining traction, the worst thing you can do is stop marketing. When marketing stops, the company is likely to make a plummet. Marketing the platform’s new features is a must. However, to do this the company has to roll out add-ons and extras on a regular basis.

This is how innovation within the company is the driving force of popularity, since the audience is changing, even in small ways, all the time. Let’s look at Snapchat and its slowed marketing over the last few months. The craze around Snapchat seemed long lasting, but now its special characteristics can be found on multiple other social media platforms.

Where Spotify Comes Into Play

Spotify is a leader in music streaming, and is found on most smartphones. If the app is on the same device as Snapchat, music can is sharable directly for friends to see. 

Snapchat has an overall young userbase, so this fun aspect could very well help engage them once again with Snapchat. Overall this is not a new idea. Instagram has had this sharing ability with Sptify for years, and even incorporates it into their live stories now. Facebook even had this ability before Snapchat has rolled it out. 

Just because Snapchat has only just put this feature out does not mean it cannot keep the attention of their users for a moment. There are avid users of Snapchat, who steadily use the app, even if they use other social media more or as well. Spotify’s user amounts outrank Snapchat’s, so it is easy to see how Spotify could lend its power with its solid userbase. Spotify made a statement on the matter, showing their support and other features coming in the future between the two apps. 

For music lovers, this is undeniably fun. It takes just a click to share your current mood with friends in the form of a tune. Spotify has hinted at the feature of combining the music with a live snap in the near future. Snapchat and Spotify teaming up is great for those who love to listen to what they want, whenever, and want to share their love of music among their instant tales on Snapchat.

Social Media Competition 

Snapchat might not have a long list of new features, but they are working on multiple projects to catch up with other social media giants. Like said before, Instagram and Facebook has many of the same features that once made Snapchat shine. 

Threads is a feature coming from Facebook soon where you instantly share details from your phone to close family and friends. This can include speed of battery life. Exact details are not released yet. 

Threads will carry that idea of dict engagement with the smartphone user and their device. It is less social than other features as of late. Since Facebook has been getting a lot of negative feedback on privacy, this could be a way to support their integration into everyday life, without seemingly fishing for information. 

Snapchat is lacking an essential part of the main structure of social media platforms- marketing. Businesses cannot market on the same level on Snapchat as on Facebook or Instagram. Even no Spotify there is a higher marketing push when it comes to buying music. Many online sites like StreamDigic even offer consumers the option to buy Spotify plays.  

Snapchat Needs A Boost

Coming back to snapchat and it’s relationship with other social media, it has laid dormant for recent months, but big plans could be unveiled any day. Without a team working on innovative ideas and how to actually implement them into the app, it is sure to flounder. 

While numbers show Snapchat is lightyears behind Facebook’s and Instagram’s usage, it is still a social media presence with steady young users. Spotify could be this next push to bring it closer to staying the ‘hip’ social media app.

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