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Wearable Technology – Revolutionizing Business Presentations
Wearable Technology – Revolutionizing Business Presentations

The world is changing fast and
there have been huge technological advancements in recent years since the
industrial revolution began a couple of centuries ago. With the introduction of
electronics, the development has advanced in leaps and bounds, giving rise to
cutting-edge concepts like wearable technology.

Talking about wearable technology,
the entertainment industry is perhaps the first domain that comes to our mind, where
wearable technology has been used, specifically in the field of Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is all about wearing headsets that create a wholesome immersive
entertainment experience for the user. The user wears a headset in which a
video is being played and these videos can be high definition or even 4K. The headsets also have 3D
options. High-quality sound is also offered in these headsets through
high-quality audio headphones.  

Wearable technology in

If you think that the use of
wearable technology is only limited to the entertainment sector and movies only,
then that is a mistake.

The evolution of wearable
technology can be traced much beyond films. In fact, the next most significant
use of wearable technology can be seen among businesspersons
and even public speakers. Various Virtual Reality gadgets and wearable
presentation apps are now widely used for business presentations, which has
made things a lot easier for presenters, than how it used to be. Not to mention
that flawless output that the audience also gets to enjoy.

Wearable tech has revolutionized
business presentations

Coming to the point of
presentation-related wearable technology it is simply amazing to think how
wearable technology-based presentation gadgets can make life much simpler for
the presenter. Modern wearable gadgets cannot just read and comprehend body
gestures, but now these presentations look like they are straight out of
science fiction movies where the presenter swipes his or her hand and a slide
changes. These apps are designed in such a way that they can read gestures and use
Free PowerPoint Templates to provide a seamless
presentation platform for the host.

Wearable technology even allows
the presenter to point to a particular diagram and actually show different
values and data on the presentation. And all of this without moving an inch!

Something that was considered unbelievable
even a few years back is now a practical reality and all thanks to the boom in
the development of wearable technology.

One thing that deserves a special
mention in this context is how wearable tech has transformed public speaking
which is an integral part of many businesses.

Speaking to a live audience or
presenting a pitch deck to potential customers is an integral part of many
businesses. And not everyone is born with the ability to speak freely and
confidently in public. But with wearable ‘smart glasses’, the difficulties in
presenting a concept to a room full of people can be successfully overcome.

The smart user interface that smart
glasses come with, can provide real-time feedback to the speaker about their performance like
their speaking rate, volume modulation with minimal distraction. This helps the
speaker to adjust accordingly and continue without any hindrance.

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