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5 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies
5 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies

The modern methodology of Insurance system can be traced back to the 17th Century however the insurance on its own is as old as 800 BC. In the last few decades, the decision-making process preferred by the customers has changed dramatically. Since the launch of the internet, customers have become more informed about the packages available and benefits that they can receive with insurance policies. Unlike in the past, the insurance agent was the key source of all the information, now there are tools that can do the comparison for the customers in a matter of a few seconds. In such an advanced time, it is important for insurance companies to adopt modern marketing methods to reach a maximum number of potential customers. 

Here are a few important tips for insurance companies to improve their brand presence in the market with the help of digital marketing strategies. 

  1. Use different channels to spread the brand’s message

Insurance companies like Americaninsurance, operate mainly in the offline sphere. The mode of advertising is getting mixed with online platforms but most of their marketing approach is still based on offline promotions. It is important for insurance companies to expand their footprints over different platforms that are available in the digital world. From YouTube to Facebook, and from Instagram to Twitter, each and every platform has its own charm and reach. Having a uniform and equal reach on all platforms will definitely help companies. 

  1. Well Structured and user friendly website

For any brand whether it be insurance, banking, real estate or others, a website is one of the most important parts of the portfolio. Having a website is not enough. It should be well structured and should have all the necessary information about the packages and plans such as health insurance quotes available for customers. When an insurance company promotes its brand over different online platforms, only a fraction of information reaches the readers. The detailed information is generally on the landing page which is accessible via the anchor link provided with the ad or the social media post. These landing pages are detailed information pages available on the website. Also, the customer should not feel that the website is cluttered. It should be easy to navigate with a soothing color scheme. 

  1. Content marketing and effective customer relations

For any insurance company, selling insurance plans to customers does not ensure that the customer will come back for a policy renewal. Keeping tabs of expiring policies and staying in touch with the customer is not an easy task. Also, while insurance companies maintain the relationships with existing customers, it is important to add new customers. All this can be achieved by using content marketing tools as a part of the marketing strategies. Using search engine optimization techniques to improve the organic reach of the website can definitely improve the brand’s image in the customers’ eyes. It can be done with the help of SEO content with target keywords and key phrases. The content can be a blog post, social media post, info-graphic, video or artwork. 

  1. Social media engagement with customers

Social media is the ultimate source of traffic and new customers. It is very important for insurance companies to have official verified accounts on different social media platforms where customers can reach out to the representatives with queries and complaints. A quick response team for social media platforms will help keep the customers happy. A customer in distress that contacts the insurance company on Twitter or Facebook should get a reply in a short period of time to solve the problem as soon as possible.  

  1. Improve your customer service through Chatbots

In the past few years, the use of chatbots has increased exponentially. These bots are easy to create and you can answer basic questions in the system. The chatbots will answer the customer on social media platforms almost immediately and send a detailed request to the representative for further assistance. 


In today’s age, the internet is the key to success and insurance companies have to improve their approach towards different social media platforms and digital marketing strategies. With the help of a well planned digital marketing strategy along with SEO rich content, insurance companies can not only improve the relationships with existing customers but also add new customers to their client-base.

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