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Boost your Business with Guest Blogging
Boost your Business with Guest Blogging

Have you been wondering what guest blogging is, or how when you submit a guest post it can be helpful for your site or business? Here are some great reasons to do so. A good blog can attract the right clients to your site. Writing for other sites (guest blogging) can also boost traffic to your site, but how does this happen if you’re blogging for someone else?

How Guest Blogging Works

If you have a great blog with loyal fans and customers, they’ll follow you anywhere as long as you leave them a trail back to your own site. Why go somewhere else and write for others?

  • Other sites allow you to create traffic back to your website.
  • Increases your credibility in the industry.
  • Create relationships with others in your industry.

Guest blogging benefits both sides, and reciprocates the same for your site. Inviting others to blog on your turf is also good karma.

How Guest Blogging Helps Your Business

Inviting other experts in your field to post on your site helps to add similar but different perspectives, helps strengthen relationships between respected colleagues and helps to share industry-related content that benefits both you and those you work with, even if they are competitors.

Guest bloggers also add new content to your site, sharing their perspective and expertise with your audience.

How Do I Get Started With Guest Blogging?

Can I DIY SEO? Sure, but relationships are important when it comes to guest blogging too. It is much easier to request space on another blog, or be invited to blog if you know someone or have a contact on the other side. But, if you are just starting out, it may be hard to come by these relationships. That’s where a guest post service can help.

Adding Value as a Guest Blogger

When you are invited to write for another site, it’s important that you add value to their site and for their audience. The content you share should be valid and credible. Somewhere in your guest article or perhaps in your bio, they’ll usually allow you to link back to your site. It’s a two-way street – you help them, they help you and you both benefit.

A couple of suggestions for adding value to guest blogs:

  1. Your bio, added to a guest site is your window back to your site. Write a clear, interesting bio that leads readers back to you.
  2. Invite readers to leave comments. This will help increase your SEO score and helps create awareness to your article. 

Guest blogging is always mutually beneficial when done with the goal in mind to help others as they help you. Remember, you can be competitors and still be a team. Go, blog, win!

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