Explore 2013
Explore. The Next Generation Event for Social Media and Digital Marketing
Explore. The Next Generation Event for Social Media and Digital Marketing

Let’s face it. We’re into this whole social media and digital marketing thing pretty deep. Many of us have been in the trenches for enough time to know the basics. When we see social media 101 or digital marketing 102 we throw up a little bit in our mouths. Not because it isn’t valuable information, but because we’ve surpassed the need for fundamentals.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t met with challenges. Executives still haven’t come full circle to understand social media’s opportunity to drive business results. Marketers are getting pressure to prove results with little budget or being forced to work in a silo separate from other marketing teams. Customer service managers are trying to train call center employees to be good online communicators and realizing they are two different skill sets. HR teams are finding out more than they ever wanted to know about potential new hires and may be stepping on a legal minefield.

At the end of the day, we have reached the point of adoption for another stage of discussion. We need a discussion that combines decision makers and thought leaders where we can work out solutions to challenges and address issues head on. We need a forum where we can have the hard discussions and have healthy debates about online issues that could be negatively impacting our businesses. We need to work together to take social media and digital marketing to the next level. It’s time for…

Explore. The next generation event for social media and digital marketing.

We’re proud to announce dates for our 2013 event where we will push the thinking, challenge ideas and help attendees solve the real world problems with integration of digital marketing into their business. We’ve brought together the nation’s brightest minds including the nation’s foremost experts and speakers who are ready to shine a whole new light on the realities of how digital marketing impacts business, legal, marketing, HR, customer service and fan advocacy.

Each session will be presented using case studies and real-life examples of how companies are overcoming challenges and creating waves in their industries. And if that isn’t enough we’re bringing a whole new type of session to Explore this year. Every city will have a live debate where teams of speakers will take a major issue head on and debate it right in front of the audience.  Plus you’ll get to vote for the winning argument.

2013 Explore Dates

We only have 350 tickets for each event to ensure we create an intimate environment where attendees and speakers are able to build relationships.

Scottsdale April 12-13th  Learn More

Minneapolis June 28-29th Learn More

Atlanta September 27-28th Learn More

Dallas/Fort Worth November 8-9th Learn More

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to hobnob with the nation’s foremost experts in social media and digital marketing.
  • The chance to network and build strong relationships with these experts and like-minded peers from around the globe.
  • The ability to learn about the newest topics influencing social media and digital marketing to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • And breaks to catch up with the amazing folks you met last year and the new ones you’ll meet this year.

Amazing Speakers who Won’t Phone it In

For all of our southwest fans, we have a big announcement. The Scottsdale event will be co-hosted by the one and only Arizona native, Jay Baer. He’s helping us bring some of the brightest minds to explore the digital underground with you. Plus, the first 200 to register for Scottsdale get a copy of Jay’s book, Youtility: Why Smart Companies are Helping, not Selling.


Brian Carter, author of The Like Economy, Facebook Marketing and LinkedIn for Business will bring his comical style and business acumen that will strike your funny bone while providing actionable tips for Perpetual Promotions and how to make remarketing work. Exciting news! Brian is bringing a new topic to every Explore event.

And that’s just the start. We can’t spill all the beans yet. We’ll be announcing new speakers every week!

Explore is the best value on the market at only $449. 

We only have 350 tickets for each event. That isn’t some marketing BS to sell more tickets. We are intentionally limiting the number of attendees to ensure we create an intimate environment where attendees and speakers are able to build relationships at the event. Explore combines small event networking with big event keynote quality speakers.

Explore is the best value on the market at only $449. Register before January 31st with the code EXPLORESuperEarly, to get $100 off!

If these cities aren’t in the cards for you, don’t worry! We’ve added a virtual ticket this year so you can join the experience and watch the sessions from all of the events, plus several speakers are recording special online only sessions with all of the nitty gritty they don’t have time to dive into on stage. Virtual sessions will be available 2 weeks after each live event and select sessions will be streamed live from the event.

Want to go virtual?

If you are in it to win it, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.

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