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How a Freelance Digital Marketer Can Manage Clients in an Efficient Manner
How a Freelance Digital Marketer Can Manage Clients in an Efficient Manner

The rise of the freelance digital marketer is not going to slow anytime soon. The freedom of being able to work from around the world remotely is unmatched in a traditional office setting. Freelancers that are successful not only find new clients but they retain a high percentage of clients that they work with. Providing quality work is an obvious tactic to retain clients while doing this at an affordable rate. Management of clients is going to be important as well as missing one deadline can lead a company to find a freelancer that focuses on deadlines. The following are tips to help you organize and manage your clients as a freelancer growing their client-base via acquisition and retention. 

Set Weekly/Monthly Calls With Clients 

Setting up calls with a client is imperative to help build rapport especially if you cannot meet with the client regularly face to face. This can be to cover progress, results, and next steps in a project. Sending a recap email after a call to make sure everything is clear for both parties can be extremely beneficial. The last thing either party wants is a piece of work to miss the vision of a particular project due to simple miscommunication. Client calls can actually be quite motivating if you are doing quality work or are far ahead of deadlines. Happy client calls are far easier to manage than those with a client where you are far behind on a project and haven’t communicated it in the slightest. 

Automation Can Save Quite a Bit of Time with Social Media 

Automation can help a freelancer in all facets of their business but social media automation for digital marketers cannot be stressed enough. Being able to schedule out tweets or Facebook posts for a month that are based on a content calendar can be done in a sitting. Doing this for multiple clients per day will allow you to spend time in other areas. Automation and cross-posting are important for those dealing with a multitude of clients. Data backing these posts will also make it easy to provide results to a client. Clear reporting via automation through a tool used can allow the client to see real-time results. 

Utilize a Project Management Platform to Keep Everything on Track 

Project management platforms are not only great for clients to see the progress of a project but can help keep you on task as a digital marketer. For those freelancers that have 30 clients of varying sizes, it can help create a work schedule for the coming months. For those freelancers enlisting the help of others whether it is for content writing or social media management. The project management platform will help keep them organized as well. All freelancers should be well-versed in various project management platforms. Some clients will want you to work inside their platform. 

Electronic Signatures to Help Speed Up the Sales Process

Electronic signatures being available can allow for a company to enter into an agreement with a freelancer without meeting with them physically. A freelancer wants to sign as many clients in as short of a period of time as possible. The freelancer having these contracts with electronic signatures available does a few things. This creates trust that the freelancer is quality as many do not have structured contracts. The client’s mind can be eased as both the freelancer and client will be protected via the contract. Finding a quality electronic signature platform that also allows for a smooth workflow in terms of contracts is imperative. Efficiency is the name of the game for a freelancer as they are only being paid when they put work into production. 

Freelancers can make quite a healthy income if they have the knowledge or professional network to offer all-inclusive digital marketing services. Do not offer services to clients unless you can provide them or you have a trusted partner that can. Partners that hit deadlines and do not try to steal clients while providing great work should be held onto. This partner can also white label the services that you provide thus maximizing income for both parties. For even more success, consider using online marketing software as well.

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