Killer Topics, Fellow Voices On This Week's BeanCast
Killer Topics, Fellow Voices On This Week’s BeanCast
Killer Topics, Fellow Voices On This Week’s BeanCast

This week’s edition of the popular marketing and technology podcast The BeanCast is a dandy. I was honored to be asked to join in the discussion on a variety of awesome tech and marketing topics by host Bob Knorpp. The show also featured three other stellar marketing minds. My buddy John Wall of Ronin Marketeer and Marketing Over Coffee, Partners + Napier copywriter and contributor for both AdPulp and Talent Zoo Dan Goldgeier and Spyder Trap Marketing president Mike Rynchek.

The BeanCast

  • The hour-long podcast was a really fun, fast-moving discussion. We talked about a variety of things, including:
  • The Social Factor in Broadcast Metrics – Do social media metrics help broadcast media?
  • Does Co-Viewing (watching and Tweeting on tablets or phones) kill a show’s advertising effectiveness?
  • How do marketers manage or change photo sharing efforts now that sites like TwitPic and Instagram are actively claiming ownership and rights usage for user-generated content?
  • Will Google’s advancement of Near Field Communication (on-site purchases via mobile device) be a bonanza or bust and who else is worth watching in the NFC marketplace?
  • Is the U.S. Army capable of using social media marketing and is there recent call for social savvy recruiters really necessary?

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