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The Many Faces of Google
The Many Faces of Google

Perhaps the most known company of our modern age, Google is a giant corporation that rules the digital waves in so many ways. We all use their amazing search engine, which delivers half a million search results in less than a second (pretty impressive by anyone’s standards), but there’s a lot more to Google than their search engine.

AI is the Future

Google is a very forward-thinking organisation and the data gathering that has been going on for decades is all part of a long-term plan to integrate artificial intelligence with computers, and if you look at Google’s successful automaton, “Alexa”, you can already see how AI can influence digital technology. This device actually develops a relationship with the user can answer questions and carry out certain tasks without any problem, and within 10-20 years, we will all have servant drones in our homes, ready to serve us, all thanks to AI. There are those who think we are going down a dangerous road by teaching machines how to learn, although the experts say they can have failsafe methods to prevent AI from harming humanity.

Google Ads

You will have seen Google Adwords all over the Internet, and by using an established marketing and Adwords agency in Bristol, you can generate a lot of sales enquiries. Google uses very complex algorithms to build profiles of users, which enables them to post relevant ads on their feeds, and this system is very effective, with many sales coming from Adwords clicks. Google make billions of dollars per year from their Adwords sector, plus the system offers the advertiser a very effective platform, making it a win-win situation that is ultimately paid for by the consumer.

Google Maps

Amazingly, Google hired cars and drivers all over the world to help them create a virtual map of the planet, and after a shaky start, the system is now very reliable and we all use it to get from A to B. Imagine the sheer logistics of such a project, which gives you an idea of the efficiency that comes with the Google trademark. Google Earth View uses a massive network of satellite images that cover the entire planet, allowing you to zoom in on your own house, no matter where you live.

Huge Servers

As you probably know, computer servers generate heat, and Google have server centres the size of several football fields, which are located in very cold climates for this very reason. The amount of data that Google stores is unbelievable and they have many such data centres around the world, building more and more to accommodate the future.

As you can see, Google has developed interests in many fields and with strong leadership and an insight into digital technology, you can expect to Google at the top of the pile for many years to come. We all use their services on a daily basis almost without giving it a thought, and without Google, the world would be a different place.

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