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Content performance optimization and a new writing platform every WFH business should use now
Content performance optimization and a new writing platform every WFH business should use now

Content performance optimization, for all intents and purposes, is like SEO 2.0. It still contains the concept of the most current SEO principles and also includes a very important point – the ability to keep a unique tone and voice. No one wants to read a robotically written post. There’s a human element to great writing that can often be lost when too many SEO practices are integrated. Often times, this is where the majority of SEO tools and plugins miss the mark — forgetting the human element and sheer power of developing a voice.

Late last year, a new player entered the market and did something different, they didn’t brand themselves an SEO company, because, they’re not, “in fact it’s built for those who have a passion for writing and content and are non-SEO experts,” according to co-founder Michael Umansky.

INK, the A.I.-powered desktop writing platform, found a way to build a custom artificial intelligence SEO back end partnered with grammar and a host of other features, like: inherent distraction free writing, dyslexia mode and more.

Their team originally launched the product as a project and SEO incubator that performed rigorous algorithmic testing. It has been used already to service Fortune 100 companies, like a large, international, auto manufacturer, where they’ve tracked organic traffic increases of more than 1M per month.

They’re trying to bridge the frustration writers have with SEO and to leverage their writing expertise and with this tool to enhance performance.

For work from home (WFH) businesses creating content, it’s a potential game changer when communications, marketing, SEO and others are now inherently separated. It allows writers to write without the worry of SEO knowledge, includes grammar correction (like having your own copywriter in the house with you, socially distanced, of course) and distraction free writing. It uses semantic search to help you write in order for what you want to rank for, without losing tone, voice and the human element that is most valuable.

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Although the platform itself serves a unique purpose, the inherent distraction-free writing component is important during a time when we are all inundated with news, information and virtual connections.

The company’s proprietary, ground-up AI and real-time integrated platform bridge the gap between content creation and return on investment (ROI). By working to democratize content performance, INK shifts control of content’s searchability into the hands of the people and companies who create it. 

When they launched, they were voted number one on Product Hunt, a popular startup launch site, for the month of October 2019, which means a technical audience was ready to embrace immediately.

As more continue to WFH, it’s important to recommend businesses the best-in-class tools to ensure more have an opportunity to succeed and remain productive during this time.

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