The Power of PaaS: Ravi Bahethi, Expert Programmer, Shares a Guide to Development, Testing, Integration, and Data Analysis in the Cloud - Social Media Explorer
The Power of PaaS: Ravi Bahethi, Expert Programmer, Shares a Guide to Development, Testing, Integration, and Data Analysis in the Cloud
The Power of PaaS: Ravi Bahethi, Expert Programmer, Shares a Guide to Development, Testing, Integration, and Data Analysis in the Cloud

No enterprise IT manager should underestimate the power of PaaS (platform-as-a-service) cloud computing. The advantages in terms of cost-efficiency and flexible, scalable development capabilities are well-known. Less well understood is how integrating your PaaS with SaaS (software-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) is beneficial. Here, Ravi Bahethi, president of Terranet, Inc. discusses how harnessing the full power of integrated PaaS is one of the most powerful options available to any small to medium-sized business today.

What is PaaS?

PaaS is a form of cloud computing service where a service provider provides a platform to clients. The cloud platform allows clients to develop, operate, and maintain business applications from their remote location with needing to obtain and maintain the local infrastructure that is typically required. The service provider manages and runs the cloud server while managing the allocation of resources to clients; that way, clients can focus on development and related activities. Clients can enjoy faster development and delivery as well as other production advantages when they are free from infrastructure development and management.

PaaS and Development

Along with cloud infrastructure, PaaS includes development tools. PaaS provides a system that developers use to build and customize cloud-based programs and applications. The platform allows developers to use built-in software to assist in coding new applications. PaaS development also allows programmers to spend more of their time coding their applications thanks to the scalability and multi-user capabilities of the cloud platform. PaaS enables clients to get more work done with less staff and lets programmers more easily develop for multiple platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and browsers. As a pay-per-use format, PaaS allows developers to access more advanced development tools than they would otherwise be able to use.

PaaS Integration with SaaS and IaaS

Many client organizations use all three most common cloud services, PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. The integration of these services in a useful way can deliver a complete service that exceeds the power of any one of the services. It is essential to understand what SaaS and IaaS provide to understand how valuable an integrated PaaS can be.

IaaS is a service where the cloud provider gives access to standard computing resources like storage, servers, and networking infrastructure. However, an IaaS provider does not develop a platform for these resources.

SaaS is simply software that clients can access and use through the cloud, just as if it were installed locally on the clients’ computers.

An integrated PaaS system delivers the entire infrastructure, meaning that clients are relieved from local development and acquisition of the components of IaaS and SaaS while also enjoying the tools that integrate the operation of the associated services. Many PaaS systems provide continuously updated integration, allowing for updates and new functions without interrupting client access to the platform.

Evaluating the quality of any proposed PaaS should focus on the quality of the integration of the platform with IaaS and SaaS systems that are of value to the company. With the right PaaS service, companies can get down quickly to the business of developing code and products that can be delivered efficiently.

About Ravi Bahethi

Ravi Bahethi specializes in programming and systems engineering and serves both government and industry clients. Mr. Bahethi is a devoted believer in the power of integration of technologies in order to create new and more powerful efficiencies. He is a confident team leader, experienced programmer and systems engineer, and president of Terranet Inc. He is devoted to providing flexible and cost-effective IT solutions to his clients. When he is not working, Ravi enjoys reading, walking, and playing tennis.

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