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Why Are Email Deliverability Tools For Startups So Effective?
Why Are Email Deliverability Tools For Startups So Effective?

If you are a startup, you must already know how important email marketing is for your brand promotion.

But, if you have a database of say thousand clients, is it possible to send emails personally?

Well, no. So, to reach out to each one of your clients you have to use email deliverability tools. Now, to increase the hit rate you must employ a good email deliverability test which will show you the inbox rate as well as spam rate of your mail. This can also rate various email campaigns and you can keep a watch on how your email is performing and whether it is faring well on each of your clients or not. 

There are various sorts of great email deliverability tools such as inbox monitoring tools and tools with core deliverability features. The first one will help you to monitor how many or what percentage of the campaign that you designed for your clients got delivered to their inboxes, what percentage of the campaign entered the spam or junk and what percentage got lost or blocked. The software that you are using for sending bulk emails must have great hit rates i.e. most of the emails must get delivered. The second one ensures maximum transactional and marketing success clubbed with proper monitoring and consulting.

By now you must have understood that email marketing is very helpful for your startup but to provide you with a clearer picture we shall look into the benefits of email deliverability tools and why these are important for small businesses or start-ups….

  • Achieve a greater hit rate – Modern customers always go through their emails and inbox. Research shows that the maximum number of people check their e-mail boxes at least once a day to read the emails that they have received or at least to clean their inbox. This means people actually go through the subject line at least once, to understand whether the mail is important or not and this is why email marketing is so effective. A proper email deliverability tool ensures a greater hit rate which means if you are sending out emails to 1000 people through bulk mailing software, the maximum number of mails will be delivered to the target clients because some mails get lost or get into the spam or junk and some get blocked as well. Now, how many will get delivered depends on the efficiency and quality of your bulk mailing software.
  • Assess your success in real-time – Other marketing tactics are okay but when it comes to email marketing always remember that the rate of conversion is pretty high. Why? Because people open promotional, referral emails and they go through it. If you are using an efficient email deliverability tool you will understand what percentage of your email campaign was successful because you will be able to keep a watch on how many people are viewing the mail, clicking it, opening it, reading it or how many are discarding it. This is a real-time check which helps you to improve.
  • Cost-effective marketing – Getting an email deliverability tool is not a costly affair which means this marketing strategy is cost-effective compared to other traditional methods.
  • Better automation – Email deliverability tools also enable you to automate your sales cycle. This means the target clients will get emails from time to time, at regular intervals. You just have to use the email automation system and your drip campaign will begin.

Moreover, if you want to personalize the emails you can do it with the great email deliverability tools available nowadays. This way you will also be able to set up a cordial relationship with each one of your clients.

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