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Hybrid Workplace: Innovation for the Future
Hybrid Workplace: Innovation for the Future

While the pandemic has been difficult to manage for all, certain aspects of it turned out to be better in a sense for many workers. For the first time, many members of the workforce got a taste of the dream work environment – or so we thought. While remote work definitely has its perks, there are some serious drawbacks as well. So why don’t we all just return to the office? Between the coronavirus pandemic, vaccinations, social distancing, and a record number of people choosing to quit rather than return to the office, it isn’t always so simple. Perhaps the hybrid workplace can help?

It’s important to note that while many employees might rather work from home, not all jobs are possible to be done fully remotely after all. So let’s not be too quick to abandon the office for good.

Let’s look at a more flexible and accommodating way to work that should make everyone happy – the hybrid workplace. Ideally, a worker can get the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility of remote work along with the stability and structure that the office environment can afford us. From the business perspective, hybrid workplaces can be a boon for a better use of office space and improve employee satisfaction as it can be more accommodating to their work style.

There are still challenges to this approach such as planning office space, inclusion, the potential for less career advancement (as some management will continue to reward in-office only staff), and collaboration, but we’re still getting there.

Learn more about why the hybrid workplace may be the wave of the future in the visual deep dive below:

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