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The Power of Premium Domain Names
The Power of Premium Domain Names

For those of you that haven’t heard of the profession before, domaining is big business. The buying and selling of domain names continues to rise as digital and websites are quickly becoming the new real estate as so much of the physical world is in jeopardy with ongoing concerns of the global pandemic. Premium domain names can really give your business a head start when it comes to search volume and brand recognition. Buying an existing domain means you don’t have to start from scratch, which can save you time.

How did we get here? The first domain name – was registered all the way back in 1985! By 1988, ICANN was founded to manage critical names and numbers for DNS. The .com domain name extension, while not the only extension, continues to be the most valuable and recognizable.

How much do some premium domains fetch in the open market, you may wonder? In 2019, there was a notable premium domain name – – that sold for a whopping $30 million. If you have an existing business, make sure someone doesn’t get your domain before you do. Elon Musk had to shell out $11 million to get

There is even more brand value when it comes to purchasing vanity phone numbers to go along with premium domain names. Customers often remember phone numbers with phrases in advertisements and when it’s time for them to call you up for your services.

Learn more about the power of a premium domain name along with vanity phone numbers in the visual deep dive below:

The Power of a Premium Domain Name

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