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What it Takes to Stop Ransomware Threats
What it Takes to Stop Ransomware Threats

The uncertainty of the world in the global pandemic is stressful enough to perform in business.  That said, there is an ever present and growing concern of your organization getting hacked by those that wish you harm – or at least for profit. Let’s learn how to stop ransomware threats below.

One of the latest types of cyber threats out there is the world of ransomware. Ransomware is a particularly nefarious attack where the hacker holds your files ransom and keeps them encrypted until you pay their ransom. The ransom is often being asked for and paid in cryptocurrency, particularly in Bitcoin. There are even services offered by hackers called ransomware as a service.  Within the next 5 years it is expected that 76% of businesses will be hacked, so be ready and careful.  

Why Threats are Missed

We are all working at a fast pace, so it’s relatively easy for threats to make their way in unnoticed.  Attacks and notifications are coming in at just too fast of a pace for people to keep up with. Consider that the average person currently receives 63.5 notifications per day. A security professional gets even more notifications sent to them on a daily basis.

The one two punch of human and technology experience is here to protect your organization. AI and  machine learning can watch for threats in real time beyond the speed ability of a person. A 4 step closed loop approach provides end to end protection through identification, containment, eradication, and recovery. 24 / 7 security with 360 degree visibility can integrate with your existing infrastructure, be it your network, endpoints, cloud, and logs.

In Conclusion

Learn more about what it takes to stop ransomware threats and stay ahead of the curve tomorrow by implementing technologies governed by trained professionals in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Pondurance:

Humans and tech are needed to stop ransomware

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