How Women Owned Businesses are Thriving Through eCommerce
How Women Owned Businesses are Thriving Through eCommerce
How Women Owned Businesses are Thriving Through eCommerce

The COVID pandemic of 2020 brought so many things in our everyday lives to a standstill, and it brought many of us to our knees. This unprecedented chaos caused us to dig deep; to identify what things are the most important, what things we could let go, what’s really working for us, and what we need to change. The pandemic, although devastating in so many ways, caused us to think outside the box and to make some alterations to nearly every aspect of our lives, not the least of which is the way in which we bring in an income. Women owned businesses are thriving online – let’s explore how below.

How COVID Impacted Women in Business

When it comes to our careers, women are at the top of the list of those greatly affected by the COVID “debris.” Women tend to have careers in industries most affected by lockdowns, such as in-store retail, hospitality, and food services. The huge numbers of job losses or reduced hours was a heavy blow to the American women population. Adding to these hardships is the fact that the majority of the additional household responsibilities fell on women’s shoulders, from loss of childcare and the difficulty surrounding tele-education. 

Women, including single mothers, not only struggled due to job loss, but also struggled with the ability to find other work as their children no longer had out-of-home care or school during the day. 

However, as with every hardship we face, the ingenuity and resilience of human beings came into play and we found solutions to help us navigate these uncharted waters. 

How eCommerce Saved the Day

During the height of lockdowns, many women took to the internet and began selling in their own eBay stores. In fact, 82% of women who did so report selling on eBay to balance the financial hardships they faced. Selling on eBay empowers women to wear all the hats they need to wear, even during a pandemic lockdown.  Learn more about the thriving eCommerce women owned businesses in the visual deep dive below:

eBay Empowering Women Through eCommerce

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