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A Quick Guide to Brand Building through Social Media
A Quick Guide to Brand Building through Social Media

Social media doesn’t feel quite ‘social’ when you are merely another face in the horde, does it? And then you glance at some at likes of the Starbucks, or GoPro with their huge fan following and wonder how you can replicate only a portion of their performance. However, the reality is you are certainly not alone if you are struggling to be noticeable as a brand.

Today marketer’s top priority is brand awareness. Indeed, social media platforms are a one-to-many solution to get the word out about your services and products. By building a strong brand presence on at least one or two social media, you can easily target a broader audience.

If you have just started out with social media to enhance your brand awareness, then you’re in the right place.  Here, you’ll learn the importance of brand presence on social media and powerful strategies to boost your brand awareness through social media.

Let’s dive right in!

The Importance of Social Media for Branding

Social media marketing provides equal weights for all. All have a voice and all can share their opinion. There are different kinds of social media networks and tools out there. You need to build your brand using these platforms and tools.

Let’s have a look at some reasons for choosing social media for brand building.

1. Google Loves Social Media

Social media marketing is great for SEO. Because of the very intuitive temperament of online networking, the primary platforms are at the greatest stage of the query items for your target keywords. You just need to determine what your audience searches for and employ these keywords throughout your social media websites and web journal.

2. Social Proof Your Brand

Many customers are looking online for ideas and searching for feedback and results. Draw the attention of such customers, demonstrate to them that your business is trustworthy and secure by simply owning a social media presence.

3. Humanize Brand

By having a simple and genuine social media presence and being keenly interested in feedback, you’re permitting your brand sector for getting no holds barred. People purchase services or products from ones they like, trust, and have faith. Engaging social media websites can help you quite a lot.

4. Converse with Your Business Sector

Social media marketing helps you interact and join the group of onlookers, which are relevant for discussions. During the middle of the discussion, you can plant the seeds. However, this is not a method for direct marketing. It is a tool for customer relationship management.

Boost Your Brand Awareness On Social Media

1) Find Your Audience

Thousands of social networks are out there, below is a quick summary of the major social media to help you determine your audience.

  • Facebook

More than 1 billion users are on Facebook. It is important to remember how people use Facebook: to form relationships and chat with friends. It makes Facebook an excellent place to build your existing customer base’s loyalty.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to build and increase your brand awareness. Twitter offers a search option to look into what people are talking about, and you can craft your tweets with trending hashtags that will engage your post. Twitter offers valuable insights into trending things; it is the best social platform to grow your business.

  • Instagram

It is one of the rising social platforms among a young audience. It focuses on conversational images and functions quite well for visual businesses such as fashion, food, shops, and beauty. It helps the business to generate leads as the scope is broader.

  • Google+

Google+ is well known for its older age male population. This platform fits well for companies in the fields of software, engineering, and design. As the platform is connected to Google Search, driving traffic to your website takes a higher weight. Therefore, if your goal is to automate your search engine, you should consider using Google+.

Start with at least one social media platform and then start having your brand presence on more platforms and thrive day by day.

2. Content Is King

If you concentrate on creating valuable content, people want to share rather than cranking out the content into arbitrary publishing schedules. Just covering subjects you want to read should go without saying; you’ll build much stronger credibility as a brand.

Keep the pointers in mind as you craft content for social sharing:

  • Every piece of content you post should support your brand image.
  • Figure what content would most likely to gain visibility on your social networks. Images could resonate with your audience better than blog posts.

If your content ensures both i.e., quality content and the effective placement of that content, then your brand image benefits over time.

3. Leverage influencers

It is essential to publish engaging content to your social media, but it is just one part of the equation. You will probably lose your voice in noise when you have a relatively unknown brand. Although you can create your brand audience by producing great content, it takes time.

A much easier solution is to use proven market influencers to exploit their audiences. Below are two ways to do that-

  • In your content bits, list their names or quote their websites.
  • Add any influencers to your post on the social media accounts you have cited.

All these acts have the function of enabling them to share your content through social networking with their followers.

Now it’s your turn

Building a buzz around your brand may take a bit of experimenting, but developing a dedicated plan for visibility remains the number one business concern today. Social media can be a fantastic way to boost your brand presence. As more marketers jump on the bandwagon, it can be challenging to compete with the marketing clutter. Be sure not only to use social media as a branding tool but also to stand out consistently and keep consumers involved and interested. You Got this!

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