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Why Social Media Cleanses Are Important
Why Social Media Cleanses Are Important

Social Media can be very toxic. Now, more than ever, online presence has been valued higher than human connection. How is that possible? Why is our online profile more important than being present with our family and friends? Ken Kurson, a media specialist, believes the only way to solve this presiding issue is by doing social media cleanses.

Think about it like a detox. Plan certain hours in the day when going on your phone is appropriate. Once that time is up, stow it away for as long as you can. It may be difficult at first but being connected to your family is so much more important than we believe. Phones are not part of surviving. Water, food, air, are the only things humans need. Checking Facebook an abundant amount of times a day is not going to improve the quality of life a person has. Yes, occasionally logging on is perfectly acceptable. The addition is where most people, especially younger generations, start to suffer. Ken Kurson has had talks with his children about the negative effects social media can have, so you should too.

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