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Changes in Google Search 2019
Changes in Google Search 2019

Search engine optimization is changing on Google, transforming and adding new channels to optimize. This means that any company that wants to stay competitive should pay attention to these changes. Just like when mobile search was new, searchers will discover new methods to find the information or products they are looking for. Knowing how best to optimize your company to be found is critical to continue to receive the right kind of traffic.

Using different tools to promote and optimize your business is just common sense. Tools such as Scangator offer different types of search engines to make your site as relevant as possible. Staying in tune with Google updates and search engine technology will help your business stay ahead of your competition. Here are some specific changes that are happening right now.

Google Discovery

This addition to Google offers suggestions of webpages that you are interested in based on your previous searches. It is a recommendation engine that is somewhat similar to YouTube’s recommendations. This will steer searchers to the most relevant sites that match their queries and research.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has the ability for two-way conversations which allows the searcher to gain information from Google without doing a standard search. While this capability isn’t available to everyone yet, it opens up another search mechanism that people need to optimize for. Lots of people are searching for information in more innovative ways. In fact, the search bar may not be used at all for some searchers.

Search is Shifting

Google is moving in new directions to make searches more in-depth. For instance, one new change will be the capability to run a search, then go back where you left off later on. This is ideal for anyone researching more complex topics. You can broaden or tighten a search based on your earlier searches.

Google is vastly improving image and video search with the ability to read high-quality images and offer related suggestions along with the addition of Google Lens. Google Lens is a search engine based on visual imagery. This search uses AI to determine what it is seeing in a picture and then can search for those images or items for purchase. This will be a huge boost for mobile searches. Users can take a photograph, then upload it to their phone and create a search based on the photo.

Go with the SEO Flow

As new technology is developed, it’s important to adapt your SEO strategies. Pay attention to Google announcements and updates to learn new ways that you can optimize to get people’s attention. Remember that while text search is still important, new channels continue to open. As AI becomes more complex, it will be able to better serve searchers as they investigate the internet. Learn how you can make your site and pages more visible in each new search technology addition.

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