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How You Can Drive Traffic to Your Site Through Social Media
How You Can Drive Traffic to Your Site Through Social Media

You’re pouring hours of work into creating content, researching keywords and making your site user friendly. So, why is your traffic trinkling in at a snail’s pace or not at all?

You might be missing out on one thing – social media.

For many businesses, a social media account is often just a way to connect with customers and fans. They’ll post a view pictures here and there, but never really give it much thought.

It is time to rethink social media!

When it comes to building brand awareness and bringing a boost in traffic to a business’s website, social media platforms is an unbeatable tool.

Whether it is a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram account, investing in a social media strategy can potentially put your business in front of billions of people.

Now, how can you begin to use social media as a way to attract new visitors to your site?

It is best to begin with a strategy. To get you started, here are 5 great traffic boosting tips you can use!

Create Complete Profiles

Your audience is likely on social media. And when they search for your business, they will hopefully come across your page.

With over 30 percent of referral traffic coming from social media, you need a way to redirect your visitors back to your site!

Start by fleshing out your profile (such as the ones on Facebook and LinkedIn)!

Generate backlinks to your site by including a link on all your profiles when possible.

Start Sharing Content

It probably took you time to research and write you latest blog post. Instead of letting it just sit on your site, you can use social media to put your content in front of a larger audience. Share it on all your platforms.

When you share content, you are extending its life beyond the first few hours of publishing.

You can take it a step further by sharing your blog in different formats through repurposing!

Try experimenting to find the kind of content (inforgraphic, video, quotes) that resonates with your audience while getting your point across.

With social media, you can also repost your content (though you shouldn’t spam). By sharing your blog again, you may attract visitors that are new to your page and might be interested in your business.

Encourage Your Audience to Share

Social media is….social! It’s not just a one way dialog between you and your audience. Your audience can help you promote your content through their own social networks.

Think about a time you were on Facebook or Twitter and you ran across something a friend of yours has shared. By a simple action on the part of a friend, you may have clicked on the post and read or watched content you may have not normally seen on your own.

While most social media platforms have their own buttons and links for sharing, you can add plugins that will allow people to retweet or share content right from your site!

These 3 tips are only a few of the ways you can boost your website traffic through social media, but they are definitely a great start.

Find the right strategy for your business and see a new level to your business.

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