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These Lesser Known YouTube Channels Are Helping Me Deal with the Quarantine Stress
These Lesser Known YouTube Channels Are Helping Me Deal with the Quarantine Stress

We are a month into social distancing (or has it been three weeks?) and things are still extremely stressful. The overall number of infectees is still increasing exponentially and a “return to normalcy” is nowhere near in sight. 

People who are currently reduced to their homes are experiencing extreme levels of anxiety. Of course, this is inevitable. A study from Canada that examined the psychological impact of quarantine during the SARS outbreak of 2003 found 31% of participants reporting symptoms of depression. The sense of isolation and lack of social and physical contact with loved ones were found to be the major reasons.. 

Managing stress is extremely vital in these depressing times. People need to keep themselves distracted with their favorite in-home activities and avoid gluing themselves to news media 24/7.

But that is easier said than done.

Youtube Channels Helping Me Through Social Isolation

Since we have been in this situation for quite a while now, home activities that kept us going in the early days have lost their value. Still, the advent of the internet allows us to explore new things everyday, even if they are in the form of Youtube channels. 

And since Coronavirus lockdowns don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, venturing into new corners of the internet might be our source of excitement for a while..  

So without further delay, here are some lesser known YouTube channels that have helped me deal with the quarantine stress. 

Disclaimer: Many of these channels have over a million subscribers but they will still be unfamiliar to most readers and hence they’re categorized as “lesser known”.


ASMR is a polarizing subject. Those who can not feel the ‘tingles’ (the relaxing feeling in head and neck) find it somewhat creepy. Others consider it a godsend. But whether you’re a big fan or not, you would appreciate what this South Korean ASMRtist brings to the table. 

Suna has a series of ASMR VLOGs where she gives you a glimpse into her daily routine. The aesthetics of her countryside house combined with the sound effects create a soothing video experience. Some of these videos are simply Studio Ghibli animations come to life and are a must-watch.

 Riddle Me This

As grown ups, many of us have lost our love for good riddles —and that is an absolute tragedy. Riddles are great mind exercises that polish one’s cognitive ability. They can be extremely fun and engaging too. 

Riddle Me This is a YouTube channel that will revitalize your interest in finding answers. With their quirky animation and sublime storytelling ability, Riddle Me This makes for a good quarantine time-pass. 

I Am

Youtube has amazing educational content and “I Am” is another great entry into this category. The channel tells the story of important events and personalities through powerful animation and first-person narration. 

You learn about individuals who lived through wars, disasters and epidemics in their own words. One of the riveting tales told on this channel is of a plague doctor in 16th century Venice —a story that’s sadly relevant in the current circumstances. 

World War Two

Being a history geek, nothing catches my attention faster than YouTube channels that discuss history in a new and exciting way. We all know how the second world war unfolded. The horrors of this bloody period aren’t something that has attended grade school.

However, World War Two explains this global warfare in a unique manner. In that, it tells you the events of the war week-by-week as they unfolded. The highlight of this channel is historian Indy Neidell who brings narrating experience from “The Great War” —a similar channel that covered World War 1 on a weekly basis.

Butter Side Down

Alright, it is hard to explain Butter Side Down. Their videos are absurd and outrageous while funny and creative at the same time. Butter Side Down creates fast-paced comedy skits that are backed by sleek animation. 

Some folks might find this content to be a bit bizarre. But believe me when I say this, this channel will grow on you. We could all use a laugh these days and Butter Side Down is a good resource of some chaotic humor. 

Lana Blakely

Lana Blakely is a Youtuber from Stockholm, Sweden that talks about a whole lot of issues. She discusses her relationships and experiences and speaks on subjects like loneliness, anxiety and self-esteem. 

Lana’s channel doesn’t have your run-of-the-mill self help content. Instead, her videos come off as genuine, authentic and incredibly thought-provoking. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy some beautiful views of Stockholm city. 

Natacha Océane

Gyms are closed in most parts of the world and this leaves fitness freaks with only the option to workout at home. Thankfully, individuals like Natacha Océane have us covered. 

While YouTube’s fitness community is a world on it’s own, Natacha Océane consistently puts up great workout tutorials and diet routines. Every now and then, she sits down to discuss beauty standards, body image and everything else related to fitness. Natacha provides a holistic guide towards a healthy life and this makes her content all the more appealing. 


There you have it, seven channels from different corners of Youtube that have great value in quarantined life. Whether you’re looking for education, inspiration or something to kill your time with —head over to these channels. Youtube has some brilliant creators and they can be your help in these days of social isolation.

By Evelyn Johnson

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