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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event
5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Social media has taken over in the new digital age. Traditional advertisements have been replaced with social ads, and how people interact with one another has revolutionized. If you are hosting an event in any capacity, you need a social presence. Using social media to promote an event can be relatively easy if you just follow a few key steps.

Use A Hashtag for The Event

Start promoting the event early by creating a hashtag for it. You can create a good hype for the event by sharing various posts about it and all that is going to happen at it with the hashtag. Encourage those who are going to attend the event to use the hashtag to let you know they will be there. When the day comes for the event to take place, ask them to keep posting with the hashtag so everyone will see what a great event it is.

Post Content Before, During, And After the Event

You will want to use the opportunity before, during, and after the event to post on social media. Share pictures of what things are looking like as you get set up for the event. Consider sharing a live stream of the event while it is taking place. Also, share tons of pictures after the event is over so that everyone will see what a fun time it was and will consider coming the next time you put on an event like it.

Create A Page for The Event

A good way to let everyone know the details of the event and how they can get tickets or when they need to arrive is by creating a page for the event on social media. Encourage those who are interested in it to invite their friends to the page. Post all of the details that you can and any pictures from previous events or anything like that, to give people a good idea of what they can expect from the event. Tell them about any special speakers or other special guests, and use the event page to remind them about the event as it gets closer to it.

Invite Social Media Influencers to The Event

An easy way to get people involved with the event on social media is by getting a few social media influencers to come to the event. They can let their followers know they will be attending it, and your event will get a lot of attention on social media when they do. They can also post pictures at the event and that will help people see what it was like. Social media influencers have a big impact on those who use social media, and it could make a big difference in the popularity of your event when you get them involved.

Make the Content Engaging and Shareable

Whatever content you make for the event, you will want it to be engaging so people will take the time to read it and learn about the event. You will also want to make shareable content so it will quickly get passed from person to person. You might want to take out several ads on social media so you can reach as many people as possible. Make sure that each of the ads looks good and is engaging enough to attract people to it, and you will get people wanting to know more about it because of the ads.

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