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Why Your Social Media Needs Video
Why Your Social Media Needs Video

A visitor spends about 15 seconds or less on average on a page before clicking away. This means ads have less than a couple of seconds to capture the interest of prospective buyers. The concise and quick nature of the video format makes it compatible with the motive of garnering interest in visitors in the very first few seconds. Videos augment your ability to streamline information into easily understood bits rather than condense it with an overwhelming content or heavily detailed rhetoric. Moreover, videos are equipped with imagery that simplify information, making it easier to retain the interest of people long enough to get the message across.

Instantaneity: The Driving force

Social media is a dynamic that is subject to rapid change; in fact, the power and influence social media has over the lives of millions of users have drastically changed the way they communicate with others around them. This includes processing and consuming information. As opposed to the early days of the internet, today visual content (as reported by SM Marketing Statistics) has a 40-time greater probability of getting shared across social media than text based content. Videos due to the advantage of being more concise and cutting to the chase without consuming much time and energy are becoming an extremely important aspect of the promotional armor. They are being seen as the most engaging interactive channel for prospective buyers and audiences at large. In fact, eCommerce has so far fared exceptionally well with video-based promotions accounting for more than 80% of the generated traffic.

Search Optimization on Social Media

Users on social media are accustomed to sensing their interaction online as an alternative reality, in which they relate their experiences to real life experiences and scenarios. This makes them more inclined to a content that can be easily visualized. A video, therefore, is seen as a far more productive tool for optimizing content for search engines. In fact, social media itself has begun to function as a search engine due to its unprecedented rise of user base. By crafting compelling and useful headlines you can help register your videos on social media searches, whilst also employing relevant hashtags. One of the very useful features of social media is depth analytics, which social networks like Instagram and Twitter provide. It helps you observe hashtag responses along with key demographic information. You can also customize your searches to target specific features like age and gender. Social media ad campaigns have raked in sales of over millions in a short span of time. Moreover, around 70% of Facebook user base has acknowledged discovering products in the ads displayed by FB.

Thanks to social media, you can now command public attention solely by creating professional videos that convey your message, and posting them to Facebook or Instagram.  Visual aesthetics complement ad campaigns as they now define a company or person’s self-image. Movie makers make it very convenient for users to launch themselves without having to worry about spending a good amount of money on outsourced marketing projects. Plus, they get to have maximum control over their visual content without having to settle for something they may not agree with.

The Final Stage: Lead Conversion

Regardless of the social network you use, your goals should remain the same once you have formulated your content. User action or call to action is the main and the final stage that fulfils the purpose of your video ad. If users have stuck around till the end of the video, this means they have generated interest in what you have to offer. Your video should then take the final step effortfully to lure the user into buying from you. Do this by directing them to your website or sales page successfully. You can do this by featuring a discount code or displaying a clear advantage as to why buying from you will be productive. Visualize facts and data and be straight to the point. Remember that videos present the opportunity to drive tremendous sales. They are used as successful mediums to gain customers across the globe and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t derive the same benefit!

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