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6 Tips For a Better Instagram Feed
6 Tips For a Better Instagram Feed
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Looking for ways to improve your Instagram feed? Whether we upload pictures for fun or potential income, a better feed just makes us feel better about what we’re doing. 

Let’s quickly talk about what we need to think about and also explore simple ways we can improve our Instagram feeds.

What Is it For?

If you need to improve an existing Instagram feed or are planning to start a new one, it’s important to think about what you hope to achieve, and who your target audience is. Is it just for fun and networking? Or are you doing it for business and advertising? 

If you plan to use Instagram for business, online marketing services can be a valuable source for professional business strategies and information. 

Quantity and Quality

Balance is everything. Think about your favorite Instagram feed. Do they share poor quality images or boring pictures? Do they share ten times a day? You probably wouldn’t follow them if they did right?

We don’t want to see too many posts from a single Instagram feed we’re following. The right number is usually one or two quality shares a day; this keeps us reminded of their feed and keeps us interested.

Stick to One Topic

Most highly successful Instagram feeds cover a single topic. When someone follows your feed because they saw your sausage dog pictures, they won’t want to keep following you if you start posting pictures of your cars.

Stay on topic, where possible. If you keep posting quality content on your chosen topic, you will be rewarded with a loyal following.

One topic feeds can earn a high income. Instagram influencer earnings can be roughly calculated, type in an Instagram username and see how much a feed can make per post. Find a popular feed about a dog or a pet, and you will be surprised by the search results.

Timing Is Everything

Have you ever shared some amazing content on your feed, only to get half as many likes as your last post? This has left me scratching my head in the past until I learned about optimal Instagram sharing times.

The best time to post on Instagram varies from feed to feed; times also vary depending on the day of the week and the type of content in your feed. To find your Instagram feed’s optimal sharing times, you may need to experiment; start sharing at different times and record the results. Take the location of your followers into consideration. 

Grid Layouts and Themes

Experiment with different themes and grid layouts. There are apps available which help you find the best Instagram grid layouts and themes for your feed. Use different grid layouts to position your posts on your feed; choose the right layout for your content.

Themes change the look of your feed. You can string together images, add quotes, or even have a rainbow theme.

Followers are Number 1

A great Instagram feed can have positive effects on your social life, and possibly your income. But no amount of tips and advice can help if you’re not in it 100%. Whether your feed is intended for fun and networking, free advertising, or to generate income. 

Do your best and keep the experience of your followers as your number one priority. Leave them feeling great and asking for more after seeing your content. Without followers, an Instagram feed is nothing.

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