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How to Become a Fashion Influencer
How to Become a Fashion Influencer
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Have you ever heard of the term “influencer?” Sure, you had. It is one of the fastest-growing jobs of the new generations. A lot of people out there give themselves that title, but what exactly is an influencer and how to become one? We will give you a couple of pointers so you can set your fashion sails up against the wind in no time!

What is an Influencer 

Well, duh! The name says it all! It is a person whose actions and choices influence a bunch of other people. And they do so by building a large group of followers on their social media. There are, of course, some tips and tricks to do that. So, make sure to take a look at how to build a strong network and you will get a good jump start.

Fashion Influencer

Okay, so here’s the thing: We know nothing about fashion. Honestly. And We didn’t know this was a thing to begin with. But boy, oh boy, were we wrong! There are hundreds of people online and on social media that make a living out of taking pictures for their followers and showing off their newest OOTD (that’s Outfit Of The Day if you are in the dark as we were).

If they have a broad base of fans, clothing stores and companies will give them free clothes in exchange for advertisement. Crazy, right?! But it does sound like a dream job. Starting off, many fashion Influencers have to find an affordable brand or online market to purchase from. Constantly changing clothing items and following trends is tricky. 

Brands like have even started marketing their own clothing lines on social media, and employing their own influences to help them. This has become one of the biggest ways to get your brand noticed in the digital age. Influencers are fast becoming a lucrative career option. 

Celebrities as Influencers

If you see a girl from your school wearing a dress in a picture, that is not such a WoW thing, and you are most likely to forget it straight away. But if you spot a photo of your favorite singer in the newspaper, wearing that same dress? Now that is an entirely different thing, right?!

We know that all of us are affected by the stars. And we’re not talking about stars in the sky. We are talking about live, in-the-flesh celebrities that we follow and look up to. So it’s no surprise that the list of best – dressed women and best – dressed men will sometimes be our guide.


We may not want to admit it, but influencers and fashionistas have made a big impact on the world in the past decade. So if you think you got what it takes, go for it! Dive in! And if not, join us and we can keep stalking them thru our Instagram feed and stories. Either way, you’ll have a good time doing it, and hey? Who knows, maybe pick up inspiration for your next high school reunion and be the best dressed one.

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