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Five Social Media Topics I’d Love to Read About
Five Social Media Topics I’d Love to Read About
Kat French Kat French

A couple weeks ago, I posted a little rant on Five Social Media Topics I Could Do Without.  It was a fun post written with tongue firmly in cheek, but one commentor posed the excellent question “What are some topics you would like to read about?”  

So here are five topics that I would find interesting and useful.  If you choose to write on one of these topics, feel free to drop a comment with a link and I’ll check it out.  If I like it, I’ll add a link to the bottom of this post.

sunny-day-nap1.  Strategies for Keeping Clients on Schedule.  Creatives and developers get a bad rap for procrastination, but in all the time I’ve been working in an agency environment, and during my freelance web developer years before that, it’s almost invariably the client that ends up knocking things off schedule.  

Content languishes for weeks waiting for feedback.  Designs sit and acquire a thick layer of digital dust waiting to be blessed by the approving party. Websites get well into the coding phase when suddenly a client says “Hey, where’s that cool Flash game we wanted?  Oh, didn’t we mention that before?” 

I would so buy a round of virtual drinks to anyone who can tell me how to avoid all this.

laptop-green-field2. Case studies for successful social media commuting and presenting.  Weren’t all these cool tools supposed to make it so I don’t have to haul my pathetic, gas-guzzling rust bucket the 25 miles from Podunk, Indiana and back five days a week?  Or deal with the exercise in stress management that is business travel?  What gives?  I suspect it’s a trust issue–partly trust that people will really work when not in the building, and partly trust that the tools will work properly.  

Kudos to whomever can give me some solid ammo that using social media to work or present remotely isn’t an EPIC FAIL in the making.  

laptop-at-meeting3.  Analytics for social media.  I’ve read a few dozen posts arguing whether or not we should be measuring social media, or why we should be measuring it.  What’s really lacking is a sophisticated look at what specific metrics are relevant to social media, and how to interpret analytics for actionable insights on a social media initiative.  We’ve got grammar-geek PR folks and copywriters talking touchy-feely stuff on one side and numbers-nerds SEOs and analytics experts on the other side, and never the twain shall meet.  

If you think you’ve got the Rosetta Stone to get these two camps talking the same language, I’d love to see it.

pda_with_slideout_keyboard4. Mobile marketing success stories.  Everyone keeps telling me mobile is breaking wide open.  The only problem with that is, I’ve been hearing “this is the year that mobile is going to go mainstream,” for the past two or three years.

 I’m tired of getting excited about mobile over and over, only to continually have prospects or clients say “we’re waiting to see if someone else can get ROI from it first.”

Where are the case studies?  

Props to anyone who can show me the mobile money.

headphones5.  Cool business applications for podcasting.  I still posit that the lowly podcast is the most often overlooked social media tool in the kit.  

MP3 players and ipods are everywhere, not to mention most of the current-generation mobile phones are media-enabled.  Lots of people are still, like me, commuting for a half hour or more per day–which is plenty of time to consume audio media.  So how do you make audio content take off the same way video has?  

My link love goes out to whoever is bringing sexy back for podcasting. 

Okay, I think that about wraps it up.  I’m looking forward to hearing from the community on this one.

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