Infographic: The Social Media Lifecycle
Infographic: The Social Media Lifecycle
Infographic: The Social Media Lifecycle

Our friends at uberVu have shared a pretty interesting and far-reaching info graphic that shows the statistics around what they call the Social Media Lifecycle. The information compiled profiles companies and statistics around what uberVu believes to be the four pillars of social media success, which is, not coincidentally, the name of the company’s newest white paper, which can be downloaded for free.

The Four Pillars of Social Media Success, according to uberVu are monitoring, analytics, engagement and reporting. It’s one look at how companies can approach social media from some form of system or framework and be successful. While there are dozens of these lists, systems and frameworks out there, and all have merits, I found uberVus white paper to be an exercise in good, solid advice for companies hoping to start doing something with social media than just going through the motions. There are fancier and more complicated versions out there, but uberVu’s is simple.

Of course, uberVu’s perspective is also centered around consumer-facing monitoring as your primary use for social media. They are, after all, a monitoring platform. While there are dozens of other approaches to priorities in social media marketing, listening or monitoring normally comes first or near the top of the list of activities an organization needs to focus on, so it’s not bad information. Just know that it’s biased toward real-time reactionary practices rather than internal or deeper-focused strategies for your business.

The infographic (below) has some neat information in it, including what metrics brands are using to judge their social media success. Check it out:

uberVu Social Media Lifecycle Infographic

The Four Pillars of Social Media Success can be had on uberVu’s website. Give it a look-see.

Now it’s your turn. What would your four pillars be? Did they miss something? Is there more to it than their four? The comments are yours.

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