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One Size Fits None
One Size Fits None

Houston, we have a problem. The problem is one of plenty. In fact, we have too much. Too many things to choose from. We have too many channels and networks. Too many opportunities to communicate with our customer. Too many places in which to put our messages. We’ve all seen the graphic that illustrates the mind-blowing number of social media marketing channels. If you add in all of the digital platforms as well, it is enough to make you run screaming from the room.

And when we have so many options one of (at least) two things will occur. We will either become paralyzed from all the options and stand there like we do in the cereal aisle, or we will race and cut corners. Either option is ill advised.

Cat in the HatThe Paralysis of Abundance

When we have many, many choices, it is easy to become paralyzed and not know where to start. It makes me feel like the end of the book The Cat in the Hat. The social mess is so big and so deep and so tall, there is no way to fix it, no way at all! So, we do nothing but stare at the pile hoping for a solution. And as a wise woman once told me: “Hope is not a strategy.” So, hoping isn’t the right path. To solve the paralysis of abundance, we have to plan and be thoughtful and realize that being first is often over rated.

Oh, We’re Already There

The other option is racing ahead and cutting corners without thinking things through. And we are in fast-moving times when we are encouraged to move fast and break things. But the intent of this message, I believe, is to support an agile approach. I am a huge advocate of Lean Methodology and rapid prototyping, but remember, there is a level of rigor in the methodology where you learn and measure and build. Many of our cohorts seem to be missing this rigor when we race to a new channel with the same content that is on all of their other channels.

The point I am trying to make is this: The guy on Instagram is not the same person as the mom on Facebook. And yet, we treat them all the same with the same content. And here’s a secret…it won’t. Because one size does not fit all in social (or any modern marketing for that matter).

One Size Fits Most?

Nope, not that either. The thing is, like anything of merit, we must plan. We should slow down a bit. Look at things a little more strategically. Take our time and form a plan around our channels and our content. When we do, we will reap the benefits of increased fans, followers and engagement. There are simple ways to put forth a plan and we can do it. We should look at our audiences and the channel and think about what they’re doing and how they consume content on that channel. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It shouldn’t mean you create a ton of new content, it means you need to layer that content.

If you want to dive deep on this conversation, join me next week at the Outreach Marketing Summit. And for those who are dying to hear my voice, I’ll be giving a 15 minute talk on this very subject and it will include a number of How Tos and concrete examples. I hope you will join me. To register, click here

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