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Personalisation is key to social media power in 2020
Personalisation is key to social media power in 2020

It is no secret that we live in a modern world of high reliance on digitalisation and technological advancement. We live in a modern world of our own creation, and part of living in this modern world is understanding that there is a distinct and undeniable pull to the more technologically inclined wavelengths of the current state of the world. The power of social media, for instance, continues to become more domineering all the time. 

While the concept of social media itself is not necessarily new, there is a definitive shift in the nature of social media and what users respond more positively to. Social media marketing can help build your brand and drive huge amounts of qualified leads to your business, but you must be willing and able to stay on top of tidal shifts in the industry on an ongoing basis.

The sage piece of advice all social media pros need

Of course, as a social media professional, you likely (if not certainly) already know all this. What is less obvious, however, is how you can pull ahead of the competition heading into 2020 and beyond. It seems that, every year, there is a new aim of the game in the social media landscape, and as a social media professional, it is your job to not only be aware of the shifting landscape you have chosen as your career field, but to understand it to its depths. Many industry insights will try to tell you what they think the best social media tools are at any given time, but the fact of the matter is that, heading into 2020 and beyond, the best social media tool of all is the art of personalisation.

The role of personalisation in social media

The role of different components of social media are always changing, but the one certainty today is that personalisation plays a key distinctive role in social media and your career as a social media professional. Personalisation is so important because your clients (i.e. social media users, either commercial or personal) want to know that you can cater to and provide them with distinctive individual solutions that not only meet the standard requirements of social media professionals around the globe, but that meet and even exceed the expectations or ideals of their private solutions. As your career of choice, this is crucial to your continuous growth as a professional. 

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Now that the landscape of social media is well and truly matured, users want more from their social media channels. The modern social media user is more concerned with how their individual social media experience plays out and less with the overall effects of the typical social media platform. Therefore, social media platforms and social media professionals like yourself are now put in a position of essentially having to focus primarily on ways to put personalisation with individual social media users, into effective and ongoing action. If you are unable to do this, then it is likely (if not almost certainly) that you will fail as a social media professional going into this next era.

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