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Posts That Could Ruin Your Social Media Credibility
Posts That Could Ruin Your Social Media Credibility

Social media has many benefits in terms of what it can do to enhance a business. Despite the growth potential social media can bring, one post can change how customers view a business. In fact, posting something that doesn’t appeal to customers could cause a business to lose both current and future business.

Posting About Another Unrelated Business

While it’s okay to promote other businesses since it can benefit both companies, it has to be minimal and somehow beneficial to potential and future customers. Although a business owner may want to shout out loud about everything Eden’s Boutique has to offer, there’s a limit to how many times a company may post about it. For instance, a company might want to make a post and publish it about the spa. Maybe a few days later, the company will want to boast about the luxurious rooms. Then a few days later, the company may want to write another post encouraging clients to visit the resort. A company doesn’t want to flood someone’s feed with information about another business constantly. It’s important for a business to continue posting about their own business a majority of the time.

No Political Posts

It’s vital for people to educate themselves about the issues that affect elections. They need to formulate opinions; however, it should never be at a business’ expense. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opinions or views about the world. Posting about supporting a particular candidate or having a certain view politically could alienate potential or current customers who don’t feel the same. Even individuals who hold the same beliefs may not want a business to share their views publicly.

Anything Racial

A business doesn’t want to make any comments on social media that involve a particular race. It doesn’t matter if a business strongly opposes what a police officer did to an African American man or anything similar. It’s fine to feel a particular way about an issue, but posting about could harm a business’ credibility.

Grammatically Wrong Posts

Fretting over grammar seems petty because everyone makes mistakes. However, some people are very turned off by grammatical errors. Therefore, it’s necessary to proofread every post thoroughly before a company posts it. If a person is unsure of grammar rules, it’s important to do a bit of research whenever there’s a doubt.

Bashing Competitors

Every business wants to stand out among the competition. Even if a business offers more than another or has better products and services, a business can never post about it. Putting down another company down looks negative on a business, which turns some customers away.

A company should think carefully before making social media posts that aren’t directly related to their services or products. It’s also necessary to avoid offending anyone and to keep posts unrelated to the business at a minimum.

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