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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing
5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing


Social media changed the way people communicate greatly. People now just log on, write what’s on their mind, and have the ability to share it with so many people simultaneously. Eventually, people realized these sites aren’t just for people trying to keep in touch with family members who live far away or see how high school friends are doing.

  1. Marketing is Easier Than One Realizes

Typically, a person dreads the marketing that’s involved in beginning a new business. It’s often expensive and time consuming for an individual. With social media marketing, finding leads has never been so easy, quick, or cheap. Unless a person is utilizing a ‘pro” version of Linkedin, it doesn’t cost anything to market a business on social media if a person does it themselves. Posts get shared with possibly hundreds or thousands at a time. It’s even possible to target customers a business owner would have never suspected would one day need his or her services.

  1. Allows for Feedback

One of the main drawbacks of traditional marketing was that it was only a one-way street. A business owner never got to see how the prospective and current customers felt about the business or their marketing efforts. Now, social media allows people to view posts and comment about the business. This helps a business change marketing efforts if they receive negative feedback. Sites like Crib Supreme make it easy to get reviews on a product. Additionally, a person can always ask followers to participate in polls or surveys to help guide the company in the right direction.

  1. Communicating With Customers Is Easy

Most people who have to ask a company a question dread the thought of having to call the company. Sometimes, it’s a long process. Social media has changed the wait time. Now, customers ask a question, and the company may respond by typing up a response. The response isn’t always immediate for the customer, but it saves hassle, especially for issues that aren’t urgent.

  1. It’s All Digital

The paper trail of flyers and other miscellaneous ad campaigns is huge. People get a great deal of marketing pieces in the mail, and they’re immediately tossed in the trash to prevent clutter.

  1. Targeting Consumers More Effectively

A majority of people are no longer searching through phone books to find a business to complete their project or for a location that sells a product they need. They’re immediately going online and typing in what they need on Google. If both the business’ site and social media pages come up in the search results, it gives a business a stronger online presence. Therefore, they’re more likely to get the consumers.

Social media has changed marketing, whether for better or worse. It’s making it simpler for businesses to connect with people. Likewise, it’s making it easier for people to connect with businesses.





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