Proof Of The Gap: An Infographic
Proof Of The Gap: An Infographic
Proof Of The Gap: An Infographic

As you know, I’ve been talking a lot lately about the gap between most people — struggling with computers, technology and social media — and the enthusiasts and evangelists in the echo chamber that is the social media industry. While Silicon Valley and Austin are all abuzz about “social business” — an etherial concept few regular business owners understand — and carry on all day about how much their stock rose on Empire Avenue, the rest of the world (about 99 percent of it) is still wondering how to change out their Twitter background.

This isn’t the ramblings of a middle America marketing consultant. The statistics bear it out. We first saw inklings when the Network Solutions and University of Maryland study of small businesses showed us 44 percent of them don’t have a website. Recent information from Edison Research and Arbitron added to the proof.

Bridge The Gap - Click For The InfographicIn order to better illustrate the difference between the engaged world and the not-so, my learning community collaborated with to produce an infographic that explains it all.

Check out the full infographic over at the Social Media Tips blog. Click on the sneak peek image here.

But don’t just read it and move on. We’d like you to help us Bridge The Gap by sharing the infographic with your network. We’ve made it easy by including a nice code grab box under the graphic over there. Get the code and copy and paste it to your blog or website.

And yes, I do have a place you can send the n00bs and lost who need a little hand holding, coaching or have their social media marketing questions answered. It’s at And we’d be honored to have them and you as members.

It’s simple. Come to, sign up for $25 per month (cancel anytime) and ask all the digital marketing questions you like. Digital marketing experts and practitioners are there to answer them. We also have robust how-to lessons, many of which include screen casts and videos to help you, on a variety of topics. Just use the handy search bar there to find the topic you need help with.

Join us as we Bridge the Gap!

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  • Waynej31
  • Jason, this is an important piece of news and one that everyone working with (digital) marketing should heed. Here in Sweden there’s so much work to be done if we’re going to open up new markets because so much work is just being done by word of mouth at the local level. 

    I see social media and effective digital marketing as the way for continued internationalism of Swedish commerce. Thanks so much for providing data that’s important food for thought. 

    • Thank you, Jon. Good to know this isn’t just a U.S. issue.

  •  Hi Jay thanks for the share and i am sure most of business owners will find this useful since they can learn a lot about social media and i am sharing this in our fan page.

  • I am not at all surprised by those numbers. I have had this discussion more times than I can count with others in the industry. WE are unique. WE are the early adopters…and WE make up a very small percentage of the internet users out there. In fact, I am surprised the number of people who have used social is as high as it is. thanks for sharing this one!

    • You’re welcome, Kirsten. Thanks for sharing it with others to help spread
      the word!


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